Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve 2010

We sit here on Thanksgiving Eve at Pine Mountain RV Resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia where we have been since arriving Monday at 1:35pm. We will leave here tomorrow morning to travel to Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL. Yes, we’ll be traveling on Thanksgiving Day, but we are thankful for being able to do just that this year. We hope you find time to give thanks to all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you and yours.

So what have we been up to in Pine Mountain you ask? Monday after arriving we just “chilled.” Tuesday we drove around the area and explored a little before going to “Fantasy in Lights” at 7:00pm-an hour before our time to report. When you register you have a choice of riding their trolley or driving your own vehicle. We chose to drive ourselves. And, that was a good thing because a trolley started in front of us and they lost us quickly. Barbie drove slowly so we could take bunches of pictures. We were a bit concerned initially as it began raining when we were leaving the motorhome to get there. But, by the time we got the go to begin our drive (it is all coordinated by staff) the rain had stopped and we were able to put the windows down to hear the music and take pictures. I’ve never seen anything quite like this-except maybe Disney World. There were themed areas and of course the lights, figurines and music were all appropriately coordinated. It was about a 45 minute drive from beginning to end. I took 90 pictures myself and Barbie took a bunch with her camera. Below are some of my favorites:

IMG_0122 IMG_0127

IMG_0131 IMG_0134

IMG_0149 IMG_0153

IMG_0162 IMG_0170

IMG_0182         IMG_0186

IMG_0197 IMG_0207

IMG_0209 IMG_0210

IMG_0211 IMG_0174

Good stuff huh? If you click on the picture, you should see a larger version. So that was last night’s excitement. Today we were able to use our ticket from last night and get entrance to the park. We drove around and checked it out-the place is huge. We also took a ride over to F. D. Roosevelt State Park. It was only about 8 miles away. We drove thru the campground area and they were full. Everything from tenters, to pop-ups, to travel trailers, to fifth wheels to class B vans, to class C’s to the 40 foot diesel pushers were occupying sites. Before coming back to the motorhome we ate dinner at the Country Store Restaurant at Callaway Gardens. We had a great country style meal believe me.

Well, I’ll leave ya with one last photo from last eve.

“Til next time…….. , with the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, -   from Carrabelle, Florida………….



The Detecting Prospector said...

In Carrabelle, 2 Als is the place to go for great fish supper.

Pine Mountain Destination said...

Jeff & Barbie,

Isn't Callaway Gardens wonderful? We hope you enjoyed your stay at Pine Mountain, an RVC Outdoor Destination and hope you will be back! If you aren't already, you should become a fan of our Facebook page

Enjoy your explorations!