Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dancin’ AND the Rain

The title of this entry is correct- “Dancin’ AND the Rain”, not “Dancin’ IN the Rain.” You’ll see why momentarily.

It has been awhile since we posted, since before the July 4th holiday. On July 3, Jeff was in charge in the Mountain Village Center in River Vista of the game “Name That Tune” contest. About 25 people showed up and they had a great time.

DJ Setup     Name That Tune2, July 2012

Jeff played about 30 seconds of 25 songs (plus one tie-breaker), that people had to guess the song’s title. He included songs from the sixties to current Billboard #1 songs, including rock and country hits. Many people were guessing the groups who sang the songs but there was one family (Mom, Dad, and daughter) who had 23 correct out of the 25 and won the grand prize ribbon. There were two second place winners with 19 correct answers. The third place winner had 10 correct.  The campground was probably a little over half full for the days before and after the fourth of July. We think that folks had to work either the first two days of the week or the last two days. The 4th being in the middle of the week kept the campground from being full. The pool was actually doing a big business with kids and their parents because it was extremely hot up here in Dillard. We had three days straight where the temps were at 100. The high here was 100 for two of those days. We were using both air conditioners in the rig which made it very nice inside. We couldn’t even stay outside on our covered deck because of the heat.

The campground hosted a barbeque dinner on July 4th and a covered dish meal on the 5th where they supplied meatballs and hoagie rolls for sandwiches and everyone else needed to bring a covered dish to share. Both of those meals were quite tasty and enjoyed by all.

The week of the 4th was also filled with lots of activities for kids and adults to enjoy. Plus, a golf cart & bicycle parade is always a tradition at River Vista on the 4th.

FV Mixons, July 2012 Parade    FV Rambos, July 2012 Parade

Jeff DJ’ed the dance that was held on Saturday, July 7. It was held outside and people had a blast dancing in the street in front of the Mountain Village Center. You see the Mountain Village Center has heat but no air conditioning inside. It was cooler outside for sure. There were lots of people dancing and having a great time. We had Kozmo with us even though it was warm outside. She stays under the table and watches everything going on.

FV Big Daddy DJ, July 2012   FV Dancers July 2012, 2

Street Dancers 5, July 2012  Street Dancers 7, July 2012

Street Dancers 11, July 2012  Under the DJ Table

The managers put a huge fan on us and that helped us out. Jeff DJ’ed for three hours and the work campers and managers helped us put the equipment away in less than 10 minutes. They even gave us some free ice cream during the dance. Our work campers are the greatest this season.

This past week we have been swamped with rain. We managed to go out on Sunday to Clayton to eat at Mishima Express and then stopped at Dairy Queen for their peanut butter bash sundae. We are trying to limit the amount of times a month we have sweets and it seems to be working. On Monday, I spoke with my great friend Linda, who lives in Auburndale, Florida, for over an hour. She and her husband Bill are getting ready to head to Siesta Key for a week in their time share that they own. After talking to her we headed for Highlands, North Carolina to do some banking. We decided to head to Franklin on our way back and stopped at a restaurant called Livingstons. They advertise great Cuban sandwiches. Well, we didn’t care for them. Apparently they have pork that is barbequed and it was strange tasting. We won’t go back there again. I guess if we want a good cuban sandwich we’ll have to get it in the Tampa area when we are back in Florida.

The heavy rains came from Tuesday through this Saturday morning. I was headed by myself to Ingles to grocery shop on Tuesday afternoon and almost turned around because of the terrible storm that I was going through. However, since it was only a ten minute drive I continued on hoping that it would be better in Clayton. It was much better when I arrived. Jeff said that it was a terrible storm in Dillard. Of course, Kozmo stuck to him like glue since she doesn’t like thunder. There were reports of 60 mile per hour winds in the area. Luckily nothing was damaged by us. During the morning hours Saturday, a strong thunder storm came through and lasted from 3AM to about 6AM. If you had ever been in a motel years ago and put in a quarter in a machine to get the bed to vibrate, then you know how we felt because Kozmo was the “little vibrating machine”. After walking around this morning we found lots of water down by the stream. We even have water behind our site that looks like a small stream. It is actually only a drainage ditch between our property and the road. We are on a severe flood warning for the area. Below are pictures uphill from our site and downhill.

Drainage stream 2      Drainage stream 1

We had a fantastic country fried steak sandwich at Annettes’ Café on Thursday of this week. The waiter, Kenneth, said he thinks it is the best sandwich around, and he was right. Jeff put swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and bacon on his and I had it without the bacon and cheese and it was delicious! The bun was toasted which made it even better tasting. The café folks all know our names now and they even know what we like to drink when we come in. They make you feel like family and that makes for a nice atmosphere.

Other news, we bought Kozmo a stuffed animal that looks like a rabbit since she loves to go rabbit “hunting” at dusk. Since she doesn’t play with toys, we are slowly introducing her to “Rudy the Rabbit” in hopes she takes a liking to him. So far she doesn’t dislike him but we figured she must not have had toys with her previous owner.  We have tried rawhide chews as well, but she doesn’t seem to like them either. She just loves to be rubbed and gets all of our attention whenever she looks at us. Yes, she is spoiled!

Lastly, we are expecting a short visit from one of Jeff’s former guidance counselors Thursday of this week. She is heading back home to Tampa after attending another former co-workers wedding in Ohio. We will visit and share a lunch with her. She stopped by for a short visit last summer as well.

We hope you are having great weather and enjoying yourselves wherever you are. We are getting lots of reading done. As a matter of fact, I finally finished the 820 page novel, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Steig Larsson. That was a difficult one to read, but I really enjoyed it. Has anyone read his three books? Has anyone read the Fifty Shades of Gray books? I haven’t and wondered if somebody out there is brave enough to say how they feel about it. I’d like to know what all the fuss is about.

‘Til next time….