Thursday, March 31, 2011

WILD Weather

Today is one of those days that rvers dread! The line of storms that rolled in off of the Gulf of Mexico may end up being worse than many of the tropical storms that have blown thru Florida through the years. I’ve been glued to the tv since 5:30am when the thunder and lightning woke me up. Well, that and Kozmo who was shaking like a leaf in between Barbie and I. Poor thing, she really doesn’t handle thunder, lightning and hard rain very well at all. I kept flip-flopping between a couple of channels and got really good coverage. At our location here in Rock Crusher Canyon, which is about a mile to the east of US Route 19, half way between Homosassa and Crystal River, we have had a ton of rain and a little wind. The wind/tornadoes is what had me concerned obviously. From our site we are not aware of any trees down or damages to rvs, but now that the rain has halted and radar seems to show all is past us, we are gonna go out for a ride around the park and the area for a look/see.

A supposed tornado traveled over Valrico where our stix-n-brix house is so we’ll call the neighbors later and see if all is well down that way. The storms have been flat wicked and we hope our blogger buddies are ok around the area: Margie and Roger and Carolyn in Davenport, Myrddin (Jim & Linda) in Orange Park, Duane and Debbie in Ocala, Donna and Ralph in Largo, Rich and Donna in Wauchula, Jim and Dee also in Wauchula, and Donna and Stu, on road to either Clermont or Bushnell. From what I’ve seen on tv all of those areas have had or will have this bad stuff pass their locations. I recently saw a picture on tv of a what looked like 30 foot or so travel trailer blown on it’s side in the Largo area. The power cord, water hose and sewer hose were still connected as it sat on it’s side-so sad. Hope no one was hurt.

That’s the latest from here. No pictures today-nothing pretty about this day------yet.

‘Til next time……

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time’s Flyin’

For some reason time seems to be flying by lately. We’ve done nothing special the past few days just the regular retired type days- run some errands, go to WalMart, get some groceries, do some small tasks around the 5er, go out for breakfast or “lupper”, walk and/or ride around RCC on the golf cart and chat, read, and watch tv. Life is GOOD from our vantage point. We do need to schedule a visit to Suncoast RV in Ocala to take care of a couple of small warranty issues and have our slideout toppers installed before the end of April when we head north from Florida.

After a trip to the Homosassa Hardee’s (Kozmo’s new favorite drive thru to visit) Thursday evening, we did drive over to Camp-N-Water Resort, a campground in Homosassa Springs, to visit with our Roamin’ Rigs friends who we holding a rally there this weekend. The Roamin’ Rigs is the FMCA chapter we were members of since 1997 until we bought the new fiver 2 months ago. We got to visit with good friends and they got to meet Kozmo until the no-see-ums about ate us up. I’m telling ya, those no-see-ums are brutal there. Back to Hardee’s and why it is a new favorite with Kozmo. When we went there a couple of weeks ago with her for the first time the clerk spotted Kozmo and asked if she could have some bacon. Well, that did it, plus they are Barbie and my favorite fast food burger place around this area. We’ve been back a couple of more times and I’m telling ya she gets excited once we leave the speaker and place the order as we drive up to the window. Another Boldt that likes to eat! :-) 

IMG_1098Tonight should be interesting. I am DJing the last dance of the “Snowbird Season” here at Rock Crusher Canyon. A good many of the seasonal folks have already headed out the past couple of weeks but we’ve had folks checking in, maybe heading north from south Florida or weekenders on spring break. So I don’t know what to expect. I put up a couple of flyers, included my email address and gave folks the opportunity to make early requests to be sure I included them in my playlist. I did have a couple of takers. We’ll also do a 50/50 drawing-so that may draw a few more. We’ll see who will cha cha slide, Cupid Shuffle or chicken dance.

DJ Card Picture

‘Til next time……

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Put On a Truxedo

Yes, I spelled it correctly with the “r” in the word! You gotta be kidding if you thought I put on a tuxedo-I’m retired now! Friday we had a TruXedo installed on the truck.The “truxedo” is a high quality vinyl tonneau roll-up cover for the bed of our Dodge Ram 3500 pick-up truck.

IMG_0343   IMG_0344

It is held into place with velcro which runs the length of both sides of the bed. It has a self-adjusting system that keeps the vinyl taut across the bed of the truck. A latch, which is hidden and cannot be accessed if we lock the tailgate, secures it in place. When we are parked, we will have the cover secured in place over the fifth wheel hitch and whatever else we have in the truck bed. When we are ready to tow, we simply roll the cover back and fasten the straps to keep it secured behind the cab of the truck. That gives us complete access to the hitch and the bed of the truck. We purchased it at Topper King, in Brandon , Florida when we were in that area this week taking care of doctors appointments for both Barbie and I. It is serving a great purpose already keeping the pollen that is falling off of oak trees out of the truck bed.

We spent 4 days in Valrico this past week as I said. Barbie had her appointment with the retina specialist  which performed the laser surgery on her torn retina in June of 2009. It was just the regular 12 month check-up as she has not had any problems with it-knock on wood. Her other appointment was her annual well woman’s check-up. She is good to go! I had my 6 month check-up with my primary care doctor who reviewed my recent blood tests with me. All my readings were right on as well except my vitamin D level, which was a tad low. The doctor asked me if I take a daily multi-vitamin, which I do, so he said we’ll just look at it next time in September. I think my cholesterol keeps surprising him-how good it is considering my weight etc. So, I’m good to go for another 6 months and we’ll check it out again. He also likes to keep an eye on my sugar level because my dad developed diabetes late in his life. I also had a dental cleaning scheduled but the day before I was due to go in, the office called and said the hygienist was ill and we’d have to reschedule. Problem was they said was the next available date was in May. I told them that was a problem as we’d be gone by then. They called me back shortly thereafter and told me of a cancellation on April 6th, so I took it.

Well, that’s about it for now, ‘til next time…..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hitch Is On & An Extraordinary Dog Park

Finally, six weeks after we had the new Alpine delivered to our lot in RCC in Crystal River, we have a hitch in our new truck(which we’ve had for 3 and 1/2 weeks). Yesterday, after internet and physically searching for a hitch we wanted for a reasonable price for weeks, we ended up getting our PullRite Super 5th hitch installed at Suncoast RV in Ocala. That was the exact same spot we bought the Alpine. Go figure huh ??? I really thought I could find a hitch I could live with for a lesser price elsewhere, but I couldn’t. We had to have the Dodge Ram there at 8:30am and were told it would be done in the afternoon. Earlier last week we traveled to Valrico to pick up Barbie’s Terrain so she could follow with Kozmo and we could wander around Ocala and not have to sit at Suncoast all day. We also needed to pick up the tow bar and hardware that connected the Terrain to our motorhome in Valrico, as we sold it to an rver here in RCC. After dropping the truck off at Suncoast, we set out to further desensitize Kozmo’s lack of fondness in riding in vehicles and her socialization process in society. The plan was to have her ride in the back seat of the Terrain in her doggie bed, take her with us for the day including taking her to breakfast (she loves Egg McMuffins :-)), visiting two flea markets, taking her in to explore a PetSmart store and visit a dog park in Ocala that Barbie read about online. Well, let me tell ya, the girl had a great day! Check her out in the back seat.

IMG_1101 As I said, she enjoyed breakfast immensely. She had a sniffeningly good time walking through PetSmart and taking in the other dogs. She did manage to get some treats , toys and a new collar there. The disappointment of the day was that both flea markets had signs posted saying “NO Dogs Permitted.” Must be a thing in Marion County because in Citrus County you see the pets in flea markets all the time. Oh well…..

Finally, a definite hit was the Millenium Dog Park in Ocala. Check out the website.

Millenium Dog Park, Ocala

Ocala's first Dog Park provides a place for dog owners to let their pets run free safely and legally without a leash. The park is on 4 and 1/2 acres and is located on the corner of South East 24th Street and South East 32nd Avenue 1/2 block off of Maricamp road (464). “No matter the size or breed, your special companion will relish the canine running area, walking path, grassy play area and water stations. There is a separate park for Large Dogs and one for Small Dogs. Small Dogs may be taken into the Large Park but no Large Dogs are allowed in the Small Dog Park. The park is fun for humans too ! Enjoy the fresh air and camaraderie with fellow dog lovers in a lovely park setting.”

The Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on September 6th, 2001.Finally on November 7th, 2003 the Millennium Dog Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place. Millennium Dog Park is a non-profit Park and receives NO financial assistance, the park is run completely by donations.

The summer hours are 8am-7pm and winter hours are 8am-6pm. But, you’ve gotta check out these rules for the park.


(Leash and remove your dog from the park at the first sign of aggression)

Did they forget anything? Me thinks not! They even have a Memorial Wall where you may purchase a brick for $45 to remember your lost loved one.




Kozmo definitely enjoyed herself, plus it tired her out as well. She relaxed on the way home Barbie reported AND she spent a quiet evening after returning home. See what I mean? Check out those tried eyes.

IMG_1072We finally picked up the truck at about 1:40pm. We’re ready to tow finally, after having the Alpine since January 28th. We will need to take the Alpine over to Suncoast to have some slide toppers installed over the 4 slides and take care of a couple of warranty issues before we head north in 6 weeks or so.


‘Til next time…..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lazy Weekend…Busy Week

Last weekend was definitely an “R & R” weekend. Rest and relaxation was the norm. Saturday we did go eat Chinese at a favorite restaurant of ours in the area, Mr. Wang, in Homosassa. It was also a milestone for us and our new furkid, Kozmo. It was her first time being totally alone in the 5er since we adopted her a week earlier. Barbie was the one claiming “separation anxiety.” All the short trips we have made around town Kozmo has ridden with us. She was an angel. I figure she must have spent the time up on the bed in the bedroom sleeping since when I opened the door she was hopping down the steps towards the door. She seemed as happy to see us as we were to see her. She continues to love her and her mommies long walks thru RCC and she has made many fur-friends and really enjoys going to the dog walk in the park.

Sunday, the only significant memories were reading the Sunday paper and watching the races on tv, first the NASCAR race from Las Vegas and secondly the Amazing Race. We did firm up my final DJ gig for the snowbird season at Rock Crusher Canyon. We’ll hold an “End of the Season” Dance on Saturday, March 26, from 7-10:00pm. Anyone planning to camp or be in the area on that day, stop on in and I’ll play your favorite tune(s). Bring your favorite beverage of choice and any snacks you may desire and come join us. I also made an appointment to have a Pullrite Super 5th hitch put on the truck this Saturday morning at Suncoast RV in Ocala. Speaking of upcoming appointments, both Barbie and I have appointments down in the Valrico/Brandon/Tampa area next week. We’ll no doubt spend 3-4 days down there to take care of Barbie’s eye appointment, her well womans check-up and my dental cleaning and my six month visit to my primary care physician. That should do it for our appointments before we start heading north somewhere around the end of April.

Yesterday, we met Duane and Debbie Rowe, who drove in from Ocala, and Charley and Sherry Dilworth, who are camped here in RCC for another week before leaving for Alabama, for lunch. We went to a local spot, Dan’s Clam Stand for food and tall tales. If I remember correctly, we sampled, fried shrimp,  haddock, flounder, clam strips, crab cake sandwich and my favorite, their New England style clam chowder. Of course, side items of fries, cole slaw, and hush puppies were included with the meals. As we left Dan’s, the Rowes followed us back to RCC for a look-see.


The Rowes actually camped in Homosassa Springs earlier in the season but didn’t know about RCC then. They may spend some time here next winter. We got to show the group our new Alpine 5er and chat here for awhile before going to Charley and Sherry’s Montana for a walk-thru and more conversation. Charley brought their four legged travel buddy, Cheyenne, a one and a half year old dachshund. She and Kozmo were a trip to watch. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Kozmo likes to “hide” biscuit treats or chew toys, I guess so Barbie nor I take them ‘til she wants them :-). Well, when Cheyenne came to visit Barbie gave Cheyenne a chew toy but she also found some of Kozmo’s buried “loot” and helped herself. Then Kozmo proceeded to steal Cheyenne’s chew stick when she was hunting for buried treasure. When we went to Charley and Sherry’s rig, the pups were given little biscuits. Kozmo took hers outside and proceeded to “hide” it under some leaves. Well, after the two played awhile, Cheyenne played detective again and found the biscuit. Isn’t it amazing how entertaining pets can be. We sure are enjoying our new addition.

Well, that’s about it for now.

‘Til next time…..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life With Kozmo

Well, if you read the previous post you know we adopted/rescued, whatever you choose to call it, a seven + year old female terrier mix on Saturday that we named Kozmo.

Kozmo Scooter Boldt face She is amazing! She dearly loves attention and is so docile. We’ve heard her growl faintly at the neighbors slamming a door the other day and I heard her whimper softly when Barbie when outside without her yesterday. She has eaten her dog food well, enjoys “pupperoni” snacks, loves Hardee’s burgers and milk. We drove thru Hardees the other day and the lady at the window spotted her and asked if she might like a piece of bacon. Not knowing, we said “sure”, and she loved it and the little burger we gave her also. Yeah, I know …..spoiled. She sleeps all through the night on the bed. It’s a good thing the new 5er has a king size bed in it! She has a favorite blanket already and likes the pillow Barbie bought her Saturday. Let me tell you what she is not fond of at this point. She really is not interested in either toys or those rawhide chews. Another thing she really is uneasy with but gets better about every day is riding in the truck. She wouldn’t sit or lay down the first day or so and she shakes at times, but she is getting more used to it and better daily. We took the 2 hour drive down to Valrico and back Tuesday and about half way thru each trip she finally laid down and rested. We take her pillow and put it on the island area between the two front seats for her.

Let me tell you what she really is enjoying—long walks thru RCC. Barbie takes her out every 4-5 hours. Some walks are longer than others but she loves to go. Could it be because when she gets back, of course she has taken care of business, she gets a “treat.” She now waits for that by the cabinet Barbie has put them in. She doesn’t bark at other dogs(no matter their size), or try to hide, it’s almost like she ignores them after sniffing at them briefly. She has been around many people in the park and doesn’t bark, growl or anything with them either. Barbie has discovered the dog walk here in the park as well. It is a fenced area where you can let the pets roam. It is under the trees and really quite peaceful. Barbie says she loves “spotting” squirrels but doesn’t chase them or bark at them. I’m tellin’ ya we hit the jackpot with this little girl. Each day she manages to crack us up when she takes a treat or pupperoni and “hides” it. Now mind you, we see her all the time. But, she drops it on the bed, in the sofa or on her pillow and then takes her nose and tries to move the covers or pillow and hide it. It is so funny to watch. Last night she must have decided it was time for a snack as she went over and “recovered” a treat from behind her pillow on the sofa.  As a matter of fact, Barbie found one hidden in the sheets the other day when she went to do the laundry. And, in case you are wondering, YES, she is recognizing her name and responds to it when we call her.

Below, you can check out the proud Mommy and Daddy.

‘Til next time………

IMG_1065    IMG_1070