Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time’s Flyin’

For some reason time seems to be flying by lately. We’ve done nothing special the past few days just the regular retired type days- run some errands, go to WalMart, get some groceries, do some small tasks around the 5er, go out for breakfast or “lupper”, walk and/or ride around RCC on the golf cart and chat, read, and watch tv. Life is GOOD from our vantage point. We do need to schedule a visit to Suncoast RV in Ocala to take care of a couple of small warranty issues and have our slideout toppers installed before the end of April when we head north from Florida.

After a trip to the Homosassa Hardee’s (Kozmo’s new favorite drive thru to visit) Thursday evening, we did drive over to Camp-N-Water Resort, a campground in Homosassa Springs, to visit with our Roamin’ Rigs friends who we holding a rally there this weekend. The Roamin’ Rigs is the FMCA chapter we were members of since 1997 until we bought the new fiver 2 months ago. We got to visit with good friends and they got to meet Kozmo until the no-see-ums about ate us up. I’m telling ya, those no-see-ums are brutal there. Back to Hardee’s and why it is a new favorite with Kozmo. When we went there a couple of weeks ago with her for the first time the clerk spotted Kozmo and asked if she could have some bacon. Well, that did it, plus they are Barbie and my favorite fast food burger place around this area. We’ve been back a couple of more times and I’m telling ya she gets excited once we leave the speaker and place the order as we drive up to the window. Another Boldt that likes to eat! :-) 

IMG_1098Tonight should be interesting. I am DJing the last dance of the “Snowbird Season” here at Rock Crusher Canyon. A good many of the seasonal folks have already headed out the past couple of weeks but we’ve had folks checking in, maybe heading north from south Florida or weekenders on spring break. So I don’t know what to expect. I put up a couple of flyers, included my email address and gave folks the opportunity to make early requests to be sure I included them in my playlist. I did have a couple of takers. We’ll also do a 50/50 drawing-so that may draw a few more. We’ll see who will cha cha slide, Cupid Shuffle or chicken dance.

DJ Card Picture

‘Til next time……


Margie and Roger said...

Free bacon! No wonder Kozmo loves the drive thru! Who couldn't resist giving a treat to that cutie!

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Ok I'd be in for bacon too. I'd also be in for the cupid shuffle and chicken dance. Gee maybe I'll get that opportunity one day. LOL

My friends Sharon & Bobby are in RCC right now, 3?? on top of hill. Be there until 4/1.

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

So glad you are continuing to spoil Kozmo!! Cheyenne loves bacon too!