Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Much New and Some Reminiscing

It has been a long time since we have posted. Sorry about that-we ARE well. Nothing really outstanding has been going on with us. We have been relaxing following our daily routines and just planning everyday what we are going to eat.  :-)  Priorities, doncha know!

Last night Barbie went to play bingo in the park. That was the second time that she went down to the pavilion and tried to play. The previous Friday she was one of only two people who showed up, so they cancelled it. Last night there were four people and they played three games. Each card costs $1.00 so Barbie played two cards. She won two out of the three games played and after expenses cleared $8.00. Not bad considering the small amount of people that showed up. It was held in the pavilion next to the pool area outside and the weather was very pleasant.

Pavillion & Pool

A Good Sam Club chapter is holding a rally here at River Vista this weekend and was using the Mountain Center. During the daytime, temperatures were very hot with the high being 92 degrees. Today we are supposed to get very nice weather with highs about 82 degrees. Barbie called her parents who live in New Jersey this past week and they were oblivious to the hurricane heading up in their area. Hopefully the winds and rain will subside so that damage will be minimal. They live on a hill with two gigantic oak trees on the two sides of the house. We hope that the river which empties into a pond at the end of the road at the bottom of the hill doesn’t overflow. Barbie can remember years ago growing up in Hawthorne, NJ and floods occurred and almost knocked out the little bridge that was right down the hill from their house. Of course the best part about living in Hawthorne was the winter time when blizzards would come and shut down school. Since they lived on a hill, there were about 38 steps that needed to be de-iced before anybody went anywhere. Her grandfather would get up extra early and shovel and throw rock salt on the steps so the family could go to work. What a great guy he was!!!

We went to eat last weekend in Franklin, NC to a place called Cajun Connection. It was fantastic!!! We really haven’t found any place to eat up here that has great seafood. This one has it! I had shrimp creole followed by a shrimp basket which was outstanding! Barbie had blue crab soup followed by an oyster basket which was equally as good!!! Since this was our only meal of the day we ate their dessert of bread pudding, which was to die for! We will definitely go back there. Today we are headed somewhere to eat since we haven’t eaten out since Monday of this past week.

Kozmo is being her usual wonderful self!!! She loves her golf cart rides and her truck rides for sure. She gets so much lovin’ and is spoiled OH SO MUCH!!!!

Kozmo riding   Kozmo up close   Kozmo on look out

I got booked to play “Big Daddy DJ” again for the Labor Day weekend on September 3 for the park.

Big Daddy DJ card picture  Big Daddy’s business card!

River Vista is 100% booked for the Labor Day weekend. They are having hot dogs and smores, a bonfire and a movie Friday evening. Saturday, a two day horseshoe competition will begin followed by a barbeque dinner. I will be playing light music from 6 - 7 as the dinner is going on and then I will play from 7 – 10 for the “Street Dance”. Sunday morning there will a pancake breakfast followed by the final rounds of the horseshoe competition. There is probably more going on and we will report back next weekend to let you know how everything turned out.

If the weather holds up as forecast we will be headed to Gatlinburg, TN on Tuesday. We have various stores we like to visit and hopefully will have some time to see Cades Cove again. Of course Kozmo is going with us so she can experience the beautiful mountains!

‘Til next time……..