Saturday, November 6, 2010


I woke up at 5:30am this morn and took a look at the thermometer that shows the outside temp. The outside gauge is located on the back of the motorhome near the ladder to the roof. It read 28 DEGREES for the temp! That is the low that  Intellicast (my favorite weather website) predicted for last eve. Thank goodness the inside temp read 64 degrees. The Vornado was working hard to keep us at that temperature. But, we were comfortable. Well, the projected low for tonight in Dillard is to be 24. Geez, and we won’t be leaving here until the 22nd. We did somewhat firm up the travel plans. I made our reservations for Pine Mountain RV Resort near Callaway Gardens for Nov 22-25. We’ll check out the Gardens and their “Fantasy in Lights” show. Then I made reservations for the Ho-Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL, in the panhandle, for Nov 26-29. Ho-Hum is between Tallahassee and Panama City and  they claim “To Cater To Seniors and Adults In A Quiet Relaxed  Country Atmosphere.” Sounded like a good fit to us. It is also right on the Gulf of Mexico and our site is to face the water. Check out their website and you’ll see what I mean. I found this place on one of the blogs I regularly follow. After we leave there it is “home” to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River.

The paint crew will be back Monday morn to put the final coat on the deck. It really looks great. The knots and grain in the wood are clearly visible through the stain. I’ll post pictures mid-week. We also will have new chassis (starting) batteries installed in the motorhome Monday. We knew they were weak when we arrived here in June and would need replacing but we planned to wait until it was time to move on down the road. We’re told starting batteries in a motorhome last about 5 years and we’ve had the coach since ‘04 and have never replaced them so I don’t feel bad about this expense.

Wednesday eve, we went up to Franklin, NC, and had a “send-off” dinner with great friends, Pat and Sandie, at MiCasa, a Mexican restaurant. They’ve been up at their rv site in Franklin, 20 minutes from us here in Dillard, for nearly 6 weeks I believe. They headed home to Brandon, FL, Friday morning.

Finally, I can also say I finished reading a book on the JFK assassination that Barbie had checked out of the Rabun County Library for me. That subject has always intrigued me. In this book, from witness statements and the documents that have been released, the author pokes holes in and refutes the Warren Commission Report. It addresses how the assassination went down, from where the shots were fired, to the how and when of JFK’s body arriving at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and to the autopsy itself. I’m currently working on UFO’s- Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record. That’s another subject that has always fascinated me. And finally, Barbie checked out Kathy Reichs, 2006 Bones, for me. She is the author that is the inspiration for the FOX TV series, “Bones”, which is a favorite of mine. So I’d better quit this and get busy reading if I plan to finish all before we leave Dillard!

I’ll leave you with some “cold” pix from here from a few years ago. Stay warm wherever you are AND don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight!

‘Til next time…………

Barbie in snow Jeff in snow

Helen ice fountain Bridal Veil Falls



Jim and Dee said...

I wanted to answer your question on the Tumbleweed about the Gyro restaurant in Sebring, FL. It's called Gyro, chicken and more on US 27. It's great. Thanks for reading Tumbleweed.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Just wanted to tell you thanks for the suggestion on the Freezer in RCC. It was delish. I love this park and will definitely come back. Do you own here? Thanks for reading my blog.