Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harvest Moon RV Park, Adairsville, GA

We left River Vista Mountain Village in Dillard at noon on Thursday. Our plans were to head west across northern Georgia to get to Adairsville and not follow most mapping programs which say to head south to I-85, take I-285 to I-75 and turn back north to get to Adairsville. I had no desire to get in the Atlanta traffic. I prefer the scenic route even if it takes a little longer. We were in no hurry. We fueled up in Rabun Gap, just 5 minutes from River Vista. It was a great travel day and in three and a half hours we pulled in at Harvest Moon. I had designed our trip using Microsoft Streets and Maps 2010 but also programmed the trip in our GPS to compare the two.


Both worked well. The only incident that occurred on the trip was when I tried to wash the windshield off. I turned the wipers on and tried to squirt fluid on the windshield. No fluid, and the wipers moved about 6 inches(right to the middle in my view) and stopped. I drove a few miles but the wiper was splitting my view and aggravated me. I pulled in to a Home Depot parking lot in Ellijay so Barbie could get out and give them a gentle boost. My thinking was that not being used in 5 months maybe they needed help. Well, that didn’t work but Barbie was able to move them so now they are extended to the far side so they do not split my view. We’ll address that issue later.

When we arrived at Harvest Moon Barbie went into the office to check in. A few minutes later she walks out grinning with 2 bags of popcorn in her hands. You see this place besides the full hook-up sites with free wifi, free cable, free laundry (first time I’ve seen this too) and all the other amenities, they give you free popcorn at check-in. Nice touch I’d say! And the popcorn was good too. As I waited for Barbie to check-in, I saw the pool was closed for the winter but adjacent to the pool was a great fire pit area with chairs. I’m sure some tall tales have been told around that fire pit.

IMG_0120 The campground was packed but that was because there was a Georgia Good Sam chapter (Covered Wagon Sams) rally here for the weekend as well. We traveled on the gravel road to our level gravel site and set up. We got everything set up and settled in for a relaxing evening. Yesterday (Friday) we took a drive around the area. There is not a whole lot in this area but the usual fast food stops and a few businesses you’d find at an interstate exit. Today, I’m sitting here watching the South Florida vs. Pitt football game and Barbie cleaned the front windshield and is currently off picking up barbeque from a local business the lady at check-in recommended highly. So with that said I’ll quit for now.

‘Til next time………….

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear you are traveling home. There are so many people that have been praying for you to be able to drive and come home!!!! Let us hear from you when you get here.
Love you guys, Pat and Sandie