Monday, November 29, 2010

Back Home- Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park

Since last we posted, we left Pine Mountain, GA, on Thanksgiving morning and traveled 4 hours to reach Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL. The guests at Ho Hum were finishing up their Thanksgiving meal outside the main building when we pulled up. We got our site assignment and they encouraged us to hurry back as they still had plenty to eat. Barbie had already planned our meal and had already prepared some of the meal and just had to heat it up. We set up the rig and then enjoyed our view and our meal which consisted of: turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli au gratin, biscuits and sweet potato pie. Barbie did a great job, everything tasted superb.

Ho Hum is right on the gulf and is is an older park. They have about 15 choice sites that in a motorhome you pull straight in and you are essentially just feet from the water.


The remainder of the sites are all within 300 feet or so from the water and the 200 foot pier.

IMG_0918    IMG_0915

The home page of the website shows a great overhead picture of the campground. They advertise on their website their slogan:  “ We Cater To Seniors and Adults In A Quiet Relaxed  Country Atmosphere.” There is no pool or amenities that kids would enjoy. The cable tv was great, about 70 channels and the wifi was free albeit a tad slow. Not a whole lot happening in that area of the panhandle nor are there many restaurants or grocery stores. We did have a good meal at a local spot in Carrabelle by the name of 2 Al’s Cafe. My shrimp basket was good and Barbie enjoyed her oyster basket. Carrabelle is best known for having the world’s smallest police station.


We took a ride to Apalachicola, which is about 30 miles from the campground. For a couple of days to unwind and enjoy the scenery, you can’t beat this area of the panhandle. We’ll go back. While there we got a visit from Barbie’s great friend from Mann Middle School, Linda,  and her husband Bill, on Saturday morning.


They stayed and chatted for an hour and a half before continuing their drive home to Auburndale after spending the week at Panama City Beach. I’ll leave you with one last shot from Ho-Hum with St. Georges Island in the background.


Sunday morn we packed up the rig, hitched up the Terrain, and left Ho Hum RV Park at 10:15am for Crystal River. We arrived here at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park at 2:00pm. It was great backing into our site again. We pulled out of here on June 21 on our trip to Dillard, GA. We got all settled in here for the next 5 months or so.


But, as has been said before, as retirees, those plans are extremely flexible and subject to change at any time. We certainly understand that concept as we hadn’t planned to spend ALL the time since June in Dillard. Of course we’ll take periodic trips to Valrico for a couple days at a time. 

‘Til next time………


Karen and Al said...

Hi Jeff and Barbie

I just found your site after you left a comment on my blog. Just wanted to tell you, I looked into My Rv Mail and found them to be competitive. I signed up today since we're going to be snowbirds this year. We might even see about getting a spot at Rock Crusher for a few days! Thanks for the tip on the mail service.


Susan said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more.
I always look for folks RVing in the Georgia/Florida area...which is where we mostly stay.
Happy travels & stay safe!

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