Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is Barbie writing  to you today!!Have you ever been so “pumped up” about doing something that might not be the greatest thing in the world to do, but you know that once you do it you will feel good? Well, that is how I have felt the last two days. I knew I had to wash the windshield and put Rain-X on it but the hassle of getting out the “hidden” ladder in the basement and facing the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to reach the very top of the windshield made me feel stressful. I don’t like to feel stressed and retired at the same time. So, I took on the challenge and made it a two day event. After getting under the basement and finding carpet after carpet plus all the other “stuff” that I put in there before leaving Dillard, I felt a huge accomplishment to be had. I cleaned the windshield first and it looked so good that I cleaned the side windows, too. I cleaned out the last basement where all the cleaning supplies were located and got rid of stuff that we didn’t need, like Jeff’s underwear that we used as cleaning rags. Yeah, I know, underwear isn’t a pretty thing to have in your hand while cleaning but it beats paying for rags at the store, right? Back to the ladder…..a very sturdy one at that but very hard to  lengthen without the use of a hammer and silicone spray. I managed to open up the ladder and stand on it applying the Rain-X without any difficulty. Rain-X must be applied with a clean rag in a circular motion and then cleaned off with another cloth. It looked great and Jeff was waving at me inside the rig while I was doing it, which only encouraged me more to get that brilliant glow! Project done, the ladder had to be put in its compact mode and put away. That was a problem. I put my left arm in the wrong place and pinched a little area …. oh that smarted! Now I have a black and blue mark to remind me of my greatest accomplishment. But, the ladder is now away and the windshield is ready for rain that hopefully won’t appear while travelling to Pine Mountain tomorrow.

Being “pumped up” to do the job was invigorating because the task was boring but the outcome was “priceless”. It is the little things in life that mean so much to me now that I am retired. I felt so “pumped up” on Thursday before we left Dillard because I had accomplished major tasks by myself. I cleaned the sewer hose, put away the water hose and filter, and with Jeff’s help learned how to connect the Brakemaster system to my car. Sure it was work, but just being outdoors and so ready to get on the road made it all worthwhile!

As Jeff mentioned  to you in yesterday’s blog, I went to Characters Barbecue in Adairsville and got us our dinner. I got Jeff some pulled pork with baked beans, potato salad, bread, iced lemon cake, and a drink all for $10. I got the same thing except my meat of choice was chicken. Superb meal! It is just a hole in the wall with mainly take-out and a few picnic tables outside but a place that we would go back to if we get in this area again. Today we went out to the Cracker Barrel for “lupper” and it was a great meal. The place wasn’t crowded at all.

We really like Harvest Moon RV Park. I did one load of laundry today and was so pleased with it. You see, it is free! The washing machines and dryers are beautiful and so easy to use and FREE!!! I went into the office after I did the laundry and complimented them of the nice perks that they offer their customers, like the free laundry and the free popcorn upon arrival. This is the type of rv park that we will visit again even if there isn’t anything to do around here.

I leave you with some pictures that I took with my camera.  Remember…enjoy the moment!


Site 16 , Harvest Moon RV Park


Harvest Moon RV Park, Adairsville, GA

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