Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finalizing Plans for Departure

We have been here at River Vista Mountain Village, Dillard,  in the NE Georgia mountains since June 22nd. That wasn’t the plan but my back issue grounded us as you know if you’ve been reading our blog all summer. I’m thankful for the recovery I’ve been able make to this point. We saw the leaves change and the weather is getting cold so the timing is right to begin heading south. With the rain the past two days, the preparations to leave have been limited to the inside of the motorhome. I believe Barbie has been thru every cabinet and storage area we have cleaning and organizing them all. We got out today to return some library books and pick up some groceries. Barbie was nearly in tears as we left Ingles. She loves that grocery store. The rain is gone so tomorrow we finalize the exterior tasks so we’re ready to pull out Thursday morning. We decided during the past week to leave here a few days early and make a stop prior to us going to Callaway Gardens “Fantasy in Lights.” We’ll spend 3 days in Adairsville, GA at Harvest Moon RV Park before moving on to Pine Mountain. My Microsoft Streets and Trips routing claims it will only be a 2 hour and 45 minute drive. I figure that’s long enough of a drive since it will be my first time behind the wheel since June.

I got a call this morning from the new Activity Director at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park (RCC) in Crystal River. RCC is our “home” rv park in Florida as we purchased a site there nearly 3 years ago.  Judy said she had heard of the dances that I had DJed last year for New Years Eve and Valentines Day from some of the folks already there for the winter that were there last year. Apparently they had a good time and to make a long story short, I know what I’ll be doing and where we’ll be on New Years Eve. Judy asked me if I would do the dance, I accepted, so it’s on the RCC  calendar. Once we get down there she also wants to sit down with me and add some other dates for dances for the park for the season. My agent has already begun the promotion for New Years Eve. LOL

jpeg new year 2011 RCC So for those of you who don’t have plans for camping at that time of year yet, come join us on the Nature Coast in Crystal River. If you want more information make a comment at the end of the blog and I’ll get back with you. It is a great part of the state to spend some time. Come check out “Monkey Island,” swim with the manatees, or share some steamed shrimp and a drink with us at The Freezer. It don’t get much better, I’m tellin’ ya. We’re gonna have a blast!

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