Sunday, July 4, 2010

Raise Your Hand….

How many of you can say that you woke up this morning with your windows open to a temperature of 58 degrees? Raise your hand now. Yes, in these beautiful Dillard, Georgia mountains the weather has been exceptional the last two days. Light breeze blowing through the trees and my hair when I rode around the campground in our golf cart invigorated me. Jeff is still nursing his back so he hasn’t been able to get out and enjoy it yet. But he will in time.

How many of you can say you saw a parade today to celebrate the 4th of July? Raise your hand now. We were fortunate to have two parades in our campground. Our place is very crowded this holiday weekend so they decided to have two golf cart parades. One was on Saturday at 11:00 A.M. and the other one was today at 2:00 P.M.  People were having a great time flying their flags and waving as they go by. I decided not to participate this year. But we both still celebrate the 4th of July. This evening I will barbeque a skinless, boneless chicken breast and have some vegetables to go along with it. We had a simple late lunch of tomato and onion sandwiches, which was very good! The tomatoes were big and juicy and accompanied the Dukes Mayonnaise very well.

How many of you have had sciatic problems? Raise your hand now. Will someone please let me know when it will end? Jeff is impatient and expected it to go away in one weeks time. Yeah, right! I told him it takes time. If I can get him to walk better I will have him in at the doctors this week. I know it is very frustrating for him to sit inside all day . His pain has diminished somewhat during the day but you would swear that he is drinking caffeine to keep him and me awake during the night. He can’t get comfortable until 3:00 or 4:00  in the morning. In addition to that I am waking him up after he gets to sleep to take his meds. So, if anyone out their in cyberspace can give me some time line, we would appreciate it. We know the time frames will be different for everyone depending upon their situation. But it would still be nice to hear from you.

I am hoping to get some pictures tomorrow and will post them on the next blog. Remember…… ENJOY THE MOMENT!


Anonymous said...

Barbie, so sorry to hear about Jeff. Please give him our regards and let him know that we hope he will be his old self soon.
We have been traveling since May 24 and right now we are somewhere in Nebraska on I-80.
We have seen temperatures since we left from 31 in the Rocky Mountains to 108 in Vegas.
Hopefully, we will run into on the road one day.
Best wishes
Nancy & Danny

Anonymous said...

How's the back Jeff? Did you have to cancel your rally plans? Remember to take it easy and don't push yourself until you feel like your old self.

Love you guys!!

Pat and Sandie