Friday, July 16, 2010

Motorhome Sweet Motorhome


Finally! We moved back into the motorhome Wednesday, 7/14, after spending the nine previous nights in motel rooms. The motel rooms served their purpose making it easier to get around as I learn to deal with the movement issues I have now. The reason we love the rv lifestyle is that we are always at home and never have to live out of suitcases  or sleep in a strange bed. It’s great to be home! Now, let me backtrack a little. We got the call from Dr. Pennington’s office to report Monday, 7/12, to review the MRI results. The results identified my issues. I have lumbar spinal stenosis in my lower back in the L4-L5 region. Basically it is a narrowing of the spinal cavity causing compression of the spinal cord. I had severe inflamation and  back pain but now we have the pain pretty much under control with muscle relaxants and pain meds. The numbness I feel only in my feet is the big problem. I couldn't get up at all and put any weight on my feet initially-thus the wheelchair we rented. Now I can get around (albeit slowly) with a walker. This didn’t develop overnight but has been coming for awhile. Many folks have this, some less serious than mine at this point and some more serious than my case. I am now awaiting the appointment to meet with a specialist. From the reading and research I've done online, it appears some sort of epidural steroid injection into the area could help. We'll see----I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and will keep you posted. Inside the motorhome I use a walker to get around. To go somewhere loading and unloading the wheelchair into our car (GMC Terrain), is really tough on Barbie. Let alone when we get somewhere for me to wheel around or Barbie to push me is a hassle for sure. So we made the decision to buy me an early birthday present. From the Franklin, NC, Command Mobility store we bought a Victory 10  mobility “scooter.” Mine is blue not red.

Victory 10 scooterWe also purchased a portable 6 foot ramp that folds up like a suitcase. The scooter and ramp fit in the back to the Terrain and it is actually much easier for Barbie to load and unload (without lifting) than the wheelchair. It can be used indoors (not in motorhome obviously) and outdoors and has all the bells and whistles I would need to comfortably get around. With this we will be able to get around doing things we want to do much more easily. Even when I am able to walk without a walker, this will be an invaluable aide to assist me with mobility.

River Vista has been pretty full. Unfortunately with my appointments etc, we were not able to spend time with our Tampa friends Danny and Nancy Puig that were camping here for a few days, although we spoke on the phone and communicated on Facebook regularly. We’ll make plans to hook up at another time. There have been several rv group rallies held here. Barbie and I were particularly intrigued by the GMC club group that had 20-25 rigs here. Here are a couple of the beauties.




So, I’ll quit for now. ‘Til next time………………..

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