Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When It Rains…….It Pours

You know we love rving and wouldn’t trade it for any other lifestyle. When things are working as they should, it is like the never-ending vacation. But eventually you know “things” are gonna happen. Just like your homes, things break and you ‘ve gotta fix them ‘cause after all-it is your home. I’ve documented plenty already the issues I’m currently having with my back and mobility. That hasn’t changed and on top of that Barbie was in the kitchen yesterday midday and I heard an expression of frustration (pretty good choice of words huh?). So when I asked she told me water was spewing up from the faucet up onto the counter. Of course, I can’t fix this so I begin asking her questions. See if it is leaking under the sink in the cabinet-NO. Is it still leaking when you turn the faucet off-NO. So at least we (or should I say, Barbie) didn’t have to turn the water off to the rig outside. It is the original faucet in this 2001 Kountry Star, so the faucet is shot. Just more rain on our parade. We know an rv business, Appalachian RV, north on Highway 441 that we’ve utilized before was a possibility but Barbie went up to the office and found a card for a gentleman who comes to your coach to service it. She gave him a call, he asked her a few questions about what we had etc and said he would be to see us tomorrow (today). I called Appalachian who we had dealt with before and they couldn’t come to us for a week and a half. Bottomline, Tom Marsden, showed up at about 1:15pm today. He had a “repair” kit for our faucet but in trying to open it up etc, found our faucet to be rusted and the new kit wouldn’t help. So Barbie followed him  to the Dillard Reeves Ace Hardware (and they have everything) and picked out a new Delta single lever faucet for him to install. They came back, he installed it and even added shutoff valves to our sink faucet so it we ever needed to shut off that line, we could still leave the water on for the rest of the motorhome-just like all of our stick built homes. It looks sweet and most importantly works great. He charged us 1 hour of labor and a service call fee. He comes from over the mountains in Cashiers, so I feel good about the charges. Best part is we found out his expertise is really in diesel engine mechanics. That’s good to know for the future—even though I hope that rain never falls on us.

Before signing off, since my last post, I appreciate the email we received from the Olivers in Florida, an email from Steve Coleman(wherever he and Linda are) and the phone call I got from Ron Kemerer down in St. Pete. ‘Til next time…..

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