Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homesick for the “Castle”

A couple of blog entries ago I was complaining about having “Castle Fever”- we weren’t able to get out of the motorhome because of my back issues. Well, as I sit here today I take all that back as I would love to be back IN the Castle. You see on July 5 the Rabun County EMS folks came and got me out of the motorhome to take me to the Franklin, NC hospital ER and I haven’t been in the motorhome since. The Franklin ER folks prescribed a couple of meds and sent us on our way. I knew we couldn’t get me back in the motorhome at that time so Barbie booked us a room in the Knights Inn in Dillard, just 5 minutes from the motorhome. We also rented a wheelchair for me since I still am not able to walk due to the numbness in my feet. I also made an appointment with a local doctor on Wednesday, 7/7. Dr. Pennington saw me, prescribed some meds for pain and a muscle relaxant. But he also said that I needed to have an MRI so he could determine the next step in my recovery process. His office folks got the MRI set up for me within about 24 hours at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s Imaging Center in Gainesville, Georgia. We changed hotels at his point to a wheelchair accessible room at the Mountain Valley Inn also in Dillard. It is so much easier to maneuver in this room-it is open with lots of floor space. It is an older place but certainly functional for now. Dr. Pennington’s office had told us to be ready to go Thursday as it may be a short notice to squeeze me in. Well, we got the call at 12:15pm Thursday and had to be in Gainesville by 2:30. Barbie somehow managed to get us there by 2:17. You ever had an MRI on your back? Geez, what an ordeal! First of all I am there because my back is killing me. Then they lay you flat on your back on a hard(felt like marble) slab and tell you that you need to be perfectly motionless for 30 minutes. They did put a small cushion under my head and I told them I couldn’t bear that position. Then they put pillows under my knees and in the MRI “tube” I went. Well, I lasted in my estimation 15-20 minutes and had to push the button for them to get me out---excrutiating pain! The female tech proceeded to tell me since it wasn’t completed, they must start over from the beginning. Are you kidding me? I tried to relax with my feet hanging off the table for a few minutes, then in again I went for try number two. I really thought I could make it- even starting over-at least that was my plan. I sang to myself, relived Barbie and my wedding day, and I believe every rv trip we have ever made. You think that would have taken at least 30 minutes. WRONG! The pain got worse than anything I EVER have experienced so I hit the buzzer. The tech’s voice came over the speaker saying I had 15 more minutes to go. At that point it destroyed me-no way I could make it another 15. I told her to get me out again. She was totally frustrated by me I’m sure but when she said “I know how you feel but….”, I nearly lost it. I told her in no uncertain terms that NO WAY did she know how I felt. Once again I dangled my legs off the table prepping for the next run when a male tech came in and told me he was going to get me through this “last try”. He explained that three attempts is all they do-if I couldn’t make it my doctor would have to proceed without the MRI. Well, that is no option so maybe that helped me mentally prepare for the third try. Just like baseball-three strikes and you’re out! Well, on the third time, I remember little other than trying to name all 2000+ songs I have in my IPOD library. Yes, I was still hurting and maybe I was out for awhile, I don’t know but I heard the tech’s slow southern drawl say “Mr. Boldt, we’re on the last zone, you’ve only got 5 more minutes.” I still don’t know if he was telling me truth then or not but I made it!  They had told Barbie I’d be gone maybe 45 minutes when they wheeled me away and I was gone 95 minutes. She said that is was a good thing her battery in her watch had died days before so she had no concept of time or she would have been more concerned. I was spent after that ordeal so on the way back we stopped at OINKERS, a great barbeque restaurant in Clayton and Barbie got two takeout dinners for us. We are to get a call tomorrow, Monday, when to go to the doctors office for the results and plan from here. As a high school principal, I thought I was nervous awaiting FCAT scores for my students and our school grade. Needless to say this redefines “nervousness” for me.

Barbie and I get out of the room at least once a day now to take a ride at least. Yesterday, we stopped at a local favorite “The Creamery’ for some homemade ice cream after making a stop at the motorhome. It was tough watching Barbie go into the Castle and I could only stay in the car- I can’t climb stairs…..yet. Thank goodness we have had our computers to keep me occupied. Between emails, blogs I follow and Facebook I am distracted some. Friends of ours from Tampa, Nancy and Danny Puig, have been traveling the country in their motorhome and yesterday’s entry said they would be staying in a Dillard, GA, campground. Back to the Creamery, I’m sitting there eating the blueberry and peach scoops when I see the Puig’s motorhome with car in tow headed south to Dillard. We went back to River Vista as they were checking in-small world huh? It was good seeing them and hopefully we can catch up with them later in the week as they plan to stay 6 days in River Vista. Finally, yes finally, I want to thank all of our friends and family  that have offered get well wishes and assistance to Barbie and I during this difficult time---I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. Pat and Sandie,  your generous offer to come up here and help us get back to Valrico is so thoughtful and much appreciated. I hope however, we do NOT need to take you up on that offer. I’m done for now, and we promise we’ll include some pictures we’ve taken……..’Til next time.


sandra said...

We're waiting for your call when you find out what the Dr. thinks is the problem. In the meantime, just be careful and get outside as much as you can and enjoy the area.

Love ya, Pat and Sandie

Anonymous said...

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