Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Road

We are sitting here on our site in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park, Crystal River, FL after making the nearly two hour trip from Valrico to here this afternoon. Our plan is to leave here Sunday or probably Monday morning and stay in the Perry, GA area at Twin Oaks RV Park for one night and drive to Dillard the next day. If you have followed our last couple posts you’ll remember the plan was to leave Valrico Wednesday after I “flunked” out of jury duty Monday. Well, so much for that plan. I’ll have you know that I was in the first group of 35 taken out of the jury auditorium to a criminal case courtroom AND was the first juror selected to hear a case beginning Tuesday morning. Lucky me huh? I wish the case had been a little more interesting but I will say it was entertaining. It will be a great campfire tale down the road. At least we, the jury, were able to reach a verdict within 20 minutes and I was home by 3:30 Tuesday. I do feel good about completing my civic responsibility however.

Barbie and I worked extremely hard packing the rv this morning to prepare to leave. We have a loaded rig for sure. I’m certain if we forgot anything, we really didn’t need it anyway. After arriving at Rock Crusher and getting set up we decided to make a fast food stop for dinner since we had essentially nothing to eat all day. We had gotten back and were relaxing in the rv when a knock came to our door. Tom and Wendy, a workkamping couple working after hours security here at RCC, said they needed some help with some unruly campers. We stepped outside and the “unruly” campers were my former carpentry and cabinet making teacher at Chamberlain, Paul Lucas, and his lovely wife. What a small world and a great surprise. Seems as though they are camping here for the weekend and it came up in conversation with Tom and Wendy that Paul worked at Chamberlain and Tom and Wendy knew I retired from CHS in November. From there they decided to visit and I’m glad they did. I always felt that you meet the best people camping. So, until next time……………..

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