Thursday, June 24, 2010

Georgia On My Mind

We’re here…….on the site in Dillard, Georgia. It’s a great view from inside the “Castle.”

Thru Windshield

As Barbie posted, we arrived Tuesday afternoon. Because we have no set timeline to follow we are taking our time setting up. Of course, all the mandatory utility and inside set up was done immediately Tuesday. Earlier this morning we washed the front windshield and attached the window shades to the outside of the coach. It is incredible how the shade helps keep the heat out of here. Barbie pulled some weeds from the mulch this morning and we got the table, chairs and umbrella out of the shed and set them up on the deck. The morning coffee was had on the deck this morning. River Vista looks great. Lots of greenery and flowers. I’d say the park is about half full until the 4th when it will be full.

Pond & MtnsWe used our first full day, yesterday, to go out for breakfast at Valley Cafe and then took care of priority #1---getting a golf cart.  Found a great deal on a 2005 electric “Champagne Edition” Club Car at All American Carts just south of Tallulah Falls. As we are chatting and finalizing the deal with “Eddie”, we start talking about Florida. Seems as though Eddie grew up in Florida. So as we further question him, he says Winter Haven and the Brandon area were his homes. So Barbie asked him where he went to school. Would you believe for junior high he went to Horace Mann Middle –Barbie’s school, or should I say former school. Small world I’d say. Eddie actually left Mann the year before Barbie arrived. Back to the cart, it was the former cart of the wife of the head honcho at the Orchard, a golf community in the Clarksville area. It’s a beauty and the price was great-thanks to “Horace Mann Eddie.”

Cart 3


Cart 1

We’re gonna make a run to Home Depot tomorrow to get an indoor/outdoor carpet for the inside of the shed plus pick up some flowers to brighten up the site. Did either of us say how glad we are to be here yet?

‘Til next time…………………


Kathy Haughey said...

Welcome Home, you two!!

sandra said...

Where did you get the golf cart? We visisted a couple of places looking for one the last time we were there. I think where you went might be the one we went to that was closed. I might throw the Mann thing at him too - maybe it will help with the price!!! Glad you two are having fun, relax and enjoy!!