Friday, June 11, 2010

Countdown at 0 = Last Day

Just a few minutes ago I watched Barbie walk out the front door to her last day of work as a teacher at Mann Middle School. As she said in an email she wrote to her faculty, “it’s been a great ride for 30 years.”  So now she joins me as a former educator. Our lives as educators has been a fulfilling one. It has enabled us to make a difference in thousands of young peoples lives. It has been challenging and frustrating, but all in all, neither of us have any regrets. It is hard to believe all those years are behind us. But, they are. Time to move on. For the past 36+ years of married life, we never have had a vacation longer than 17 days. That will change now. We’ll start our final preparations to head north this afternoon. A trip to the local Walmart and Camping World for a few supplies is on the agenda. Then we’ll take a few days to tie up some loose ends here, plus I have that jury duty gig Monday. We hope the wheels to the motorhome will be rollin’ by Wednesday. Then that long awaited endless vacation called “retirement” begins. And you can read all about it and follow us right here. Join us on the “ultimate” vacation. ‘Til next time……………..

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sandra said...

On the road again, on the road again!! Both of you won't know how free you are until August when you DON'T have to be ANYWHERE in particular - Have a great time and see you soon we hope.

Love ya, Pat and Sandie