Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dillard, Georgia Bound

Barbie here writing to you today. We left Crystal River at 9:38 A.M. on Monday, June 21. It took us 35 minutes to hook up the car because it was new to us concerning the brakemaster braking system that we now need for the Terrain. I think once we do it a couple of times, it will become a habit and easy to do. But we needed to do it right so that the car’s brakes wouldn’t catch on fire and ruin the car. Leaving Rock Crusher was kind of nice because we knew that Dillard might be a little bit cooler. At least the nighttime temperatures would be slightly lower, we hope.

We stopped twice to make sure the brake system was working well and that the transmission didn’t blow up in the car. Anyone who knows us remembers that the Ford Escape we had last year had blown the transmission with 862 miles on the car while traveling to Dillard. We had been stuck in Perry, Georgia for three days until they gave us a rental car to go on our merry way while they kept the Escape to put in a brand new transmission. But that story is in the past and we have gotten rid of the “Lemon Escape” that so many people in America have had trouble with in towing. We stopped at Twin Oaks Campground in Perry , Georgia at 3:30 for the night. We love this place! They are very friendly and happen to be a Passport park , in which we paid $18 for a 50 amp full hook up. They have these flowers which bloom when the sun goes down at about 9:00 or a little before that. They “pop out” when they bloom and are really neat to see. Of course, that is the excitement of the park in June. They don’t do this year round.

June 2010 027

This is what they look like when they bloom.






June 2010 028

A close up shot of the pretty flowers.







After eating some great leftovers from our trip in Crystal River( El Ranchito burritos, seafood from Dan’s Clam stand), we went to bed early. It was very hot outside but with both air conditioners going on in the rig, it was very nice.June 2010 011

Dan’s  Clam Stand in Homosassa, FL







June 2010 010


Barbie eating clam chowder with her new hairdo. If you are every Crystal River, go to Cynthia’s Salon and ask for Laurrie. She is GREAT!!!






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We  left Twin Oaks at 9:27 Tuesday morning and didn’t have much traffic on our way to Dillard. We arrived at our summer place at 1:50 and it was very hot!!! After unhooking we found out our water wasn’t working properly, no pressure,  when we hooked up. So,  Richard, the manager of the park, came up and fixed it for us. He is a great manager! We cooled down in the rig and then proceeded to get the inside of the rig fixed up. Thankfully a rainstorm came through at about 5:30 and really cooled things down. We took a ride around Dillard at about 7:30 P.M. and the temperature was 72 degrees and nice! After a dinner of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, along with a Mike’s Hard Limeade for our Happy Hour, this couple was ready for bed early at 10:00.

Remember….. enjoy a great moment!

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