Thursday, May 13, 2010

“To Do” List Shorter

The “to do” list of things to get done before “the Castle” leaves Florida in mid-June continues to get shorter. We picked the motorhome up Tuesday early evening from Sterling Tampa Truck Center. The oil change, lube, filters, fluid checks and general service were all completed. A new tailpipe was put on to replace the rusted one with hole in it. The rear tail light issue was corrected. Seems as though there was a bad ground. Finally, I asked them to check out the house batteries as the battery disconnect was acting slow and erratic lately. Sure enough we had bad cells, so we had to get two new batteries. The coach being a 2001 has never had house battery issues so I don’t feel bad about having to get new ones. Saturday, the coach and the Terrain go to have the new Brakemaster braking system installed. Then “Boldt’s RV Castle” will be ready to roll. Being that we’ll be in the motorhome nearly fulltime for the next year there are a couple of improvements we would like to make. First and foremost a new flat screen lcd digital tv up front is tops on that list. We’d also like to replace the sofa area with a comfortable chair and computer table/desk area. We’ll definitely be exploring those items and work when we arrive in the Elkhart, Indiana area in late August/September when we are in that area for the Escapees Rally and Gypsy Journal Rally. I have several Amish shops researched already.

Finally, the other item,  a “biggie”,  checked off the “to do”  list was Barbie making it official. I accompanied her yesterday to the Hillsborough County School District offices to attend her retirement meeting and sign her papers. This is her 30th year as a classroom teacher. Her official date of retirement will be June 18, 2010. She has lots of great memories and has left her mark on thousands of young peoples lives. I’m proud of her and wish her much happiness in her retirement. After all, if she’s happy I will be too. :-)


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