Monday, May 10, 2010

New Week – More Preparations

Early this morning we took our “castle”, the motorhome, to Sterling Tampa Truck Center to be serviced prior to heading north in about six (6) weeks. Sterling is about 30 minutes from home and has serviced our motorhome for years. They have always worked well for us because of the quality of their work and the convenience of their service hours. Would your believe 7AM-midnight? For working folks it don’t get much better. They’ll do an oil change, lube, check belts and fluid levels, air pressures etc. We also have what I believe is a short in the left rear tail lights (since replacing bulbs didn’t cure it) that they’ll check out. Finally, they’ll replace a rusted tailpipe for us. After we dropped the rig off, we had a drive-thru fast food breakfast and I dropped Barbie off at work so I could have the car. As she says, “only three (3) more Mondays” for her. In fact, I will accompany her to the school district offices Wednesday when she will sign her retirement papers. Friday I have a dental appointment and Saturday we take the motorhome and Terrain to have the new Brakemaster braking system installed. Like I labeled this post, new week-more preparations. I’ll close by  including a couple of snapshots of the Dillard, GA area we’ll be heading to before we know it. See why we love the area?

From Scaly Mtn River Vista off in distance from scenic overlook on way to Highlands, NC.

River Vista Falls 

The falls as seen from River Vista in winter.

Thru windshield

The view thru “Castle” window from our site in River Vista.

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