Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Another item on our “to do” list of tasks to get done prior to our leaving Florida for Dillard, GA was to retrieve our golf cart which has been sitting on our rv site at Rock Crusher Canyon (RCC) RV Park, in Crystal River, Florida. Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned anything about our site at RCC in this blog yet have I ? You ask and you shall receive. Here are some photos of the site from when it was purchased with no additions, to one of the most recent photos. REMEMBER: if you click on the photo, you will see it enlarged. Since we purchased the site in January 2008, we have installed the paver bricks on the rv pad itself, added the planter, used landscape timbers to frame part of the site, built a fire pit out of leftover paver bricks, added cypress mulch to landscape and oh yes, purchased a golf cart. That would be the one we went to retrieve today.


Jan 2008







Picture 006 Sept 2008










March 2009










July 2009










March 2010










April 2010









This catches us up to today, when we went to Crystal River with a UHaul trailer and brought the golf cart home to Valrico to place under cover until we return to Florida in Nov/Dec. Then, we’ll take the cart back up to RCC to use this winter. Feel free to click the “Comment” button below at the end of any posting if you feel compelled to let us know what you think. “Til next time…………………..

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