Sunday, May 23, 2010

Technology and Mother Nature

Well, as we cross the days off the calendar until Barbie’s official retirement begins (June 14), we continue to add to the list of things to do before departure. And, we do cross a couple of items off of the list thank goodness. We took the motorhome to Classic Coach Works in Lakeland this week to have the two new digital flat screen televisions installed complete with some rebuilt cabinetry. The main tv in the front living will be placed where the previous tv was but with new cabinetry. The bedroom tv will be placed on a new cabinet door that will cover a newly created storage area where the previous tv was located. The job should be completed by the end of this next week. Then, the “Castle” should be ready to roll.

To pass the time during the day I have fallen into a routine of following about thirty (30) rvers blogs. In my “surfin” a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a fascinating find. I am now a regular follower of “The Eagles of Hornby Island.” These are two exciting eagle cams coming LIVE from Hornby Island in the Georgia Strait off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Both cams are positioned in a tree on a piece of land that belongs to Doug Carrick. It was Doug who first installed the cam over looking the nest and then worked with HWF and several others to begin broadcasting this amazing story in 2005. Almost straight away the pair of bald eagles and their mission to breed, captured the imagination of the world. It has been said that these cams were the most watched LIVE Internet streaming event up until that time. I’m tellin’ ya it is addictive! This use of technology truly allows us to view the wonders of Mother Nature. Phoenix, the eaglet, was born April 29. Watching the interaction with his parents on a daily basis is priceless. If you do NOT want to get hooked, don’t check it out.

Phoenix as baby

Phoenix with parentsThis past Friday evening, Dad Hornby flew in with 5(?) herring clutched in both feet. Mom was very pleased and "baby" Phoenix swallowed one whole! Click on this must-see video "hotspot" below.

With the technology we have today, these wonders of nature can educate and entertain us all. ‘Til next time………………

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