Monday, May 17, 2010

Next on the List

Well, as I mentioned in the last post, getting a new lcd flat screen tv to replace the old crt in the living area of the motorhome would be the next priority  to address as we prepare to head out on our rv journeys. The initial plan was to address this issue later in the summer. Well, we convinced each other “the future is now”. So Best Buy in Brandon has one less LG , 26 inch, ultra thin, lcd tv on their shelves this morning. Of course that solves one problem but creates another. The current crt tv in the motorhome must be removed from the cabinet it is in and the new one mounted and installed in its place. That will mean some cabinetry and wood trim work. That quite honestly will be the tough part-finish and trim. Now we are considering all options as to who to have tackle this assignment. The challenge to do it myself intrigues me, however, I don’t know if I have the tools and talent to do the job I expect. Time, of course, is an issue as there is no way we’ll delay our departure in June. It must be done before we leave. Ah, decisions, decisions. And I thought I was free of stress when I retired. We’ll keep you posted. Here’s the “before” picture.

Original TV‘Til next time………….

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