Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It’s September….

I don’t know what it was but when I logged on the computer this morning and saw September 1, it hit me. The summer is nearly over. We have been up here in Dillard for about 6 weeks. Of course for me the month of July is a blur considering my back issues and all the meds I was on then. At least I’m on the slowww mend now and mentally doing much better. After I log on the computer in the mornings and check to see what the email inbox has in it, I check the 30 some rv blogs I have saved in my favorites folder and follow. The past couple of days that has been a tad tough as about a half a dozen of the bloggers are in Elkhart, Indiana, participating in the Gypsy Journal Rally that we were to be attending. Their posts have detailed the fun and comraderie they are having at the rally. The first night they had a “Hoosier Honey” Pageant where the guys dressed as ladies. Here is the winner.

Miss Hoosier Honey

We were really looking forward to that rally as we have been subscribers of the Gypsy Journal Newspaper we get each month from Nick Russell and his wife Terry for years. They are full-timers and travel across the country, mostly off the main highways/interstates and away from the big cities, writing about the places they visit. They also include lots of pictures. He was in the newspaper business for years before becoming a full-timer. They have held a rally in the west and one in the east the past few years. They are not huge rallies, between 75 and 150 rvs normally. We’ll just plan on attending one next year.

We went out grocery shopping and ate at La Cabana, a Mexican Restaurant in Clayton, yesterday. It was our first outing using the new scooter carrier on the back of the Terrain. It certainly made for an easier job for Barbie to load and unload the scooter for me.

To insure that I have at least one picture in each post, I have decided to start something new today with this post. I will include one picture from my archives that I’ve been saving from 1998 to the present. The picture may be of persons, places or things I’ve shot over the years. I hope you’ll enjoy them. I also want to remind you that you may leave a comment to a post by clicking on the word “COMMENT” at the bottom of each post after the words “Posted by Jeff and Barbie” and the date. I encourage you to do that. We love reading your comments for sure.

Following is my “Post Picture for the Day”. It was taken at the Friendship Rally in Moultrie, Georgia, in April 2004 in which about 15 coaches from our Roamin’ Rigs FMCA Chapter attended. Now I’m telling ya I could have won that “Hoosier Honey” Pageant wearing this same poodle skirt get-up that I won the “Magnificent Moultrie Mama” Pageant back then. What do you think?  :-))) ‘Til next time…….

Poodle Jeff

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Lola said...

You'd be a winner in that sweet little outfit, for sure! The look works for you.