Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Week

The weather up here in the NE Georgia Mountains is great. Highs in the upper 80’s and lows in the lower 60’s at night. We still are waiting for it to get a little cooler. Saturday we went on a ride to visit Mocassin Creek State Park, then on through Helen and Clarkesville then back north through Tallulah Falls and Clayton before returning to Dillard. We drove through the campgrounds at Tallulah Falls and Mocassin Creek. I like Mocassin Creek as it is right on Lake Burton and they have sites can accommodate big rigs. On Saturday they were full with no vacancies. Tallulah Falls campground does have a couple of longer sites but the roads are much more difficult to navigate if you have a long rig. We stopped at Fred’s Famous Peanuts in Robertstown, just outside of Helen for a boiled peanut and drink fix. Barbie, as you can see below made friends with some locals while at Freds..

Barbie's buddyPopsHelen was bumper to bumper with weekend tourists. We didn’t bother stopping during this trip. I’d like to head back over that way during their Octoberfest activities. It was a nice 3 1/2 hour ride on a gorgeous day.

This morning Barbie took the Terrain up and had the hitch put on so we could put my new scooter carrier on the back of the car and not have to load it up the ramps and into the back of the car. It will be a much easier process to load the scooter up for me until I no longer need it. Plus it allows room for us to put things in the back or carry passengers in the back seat. Below is what the carrier looks like in travel position without the scooter.

IMG_0660 Barbie went out over the weekend and bought some plants to put in the planters we had bought a week or so ago. It adds some color to the site and they look good. See for yourself.

IMG_0644  IMG_0647


The homeowners association is organizing a Labor Day picnic here for next Monday. We plan to attend. All we need do is bring a dish to share and some of the fellas are barbequing. It will be held at the covered Mud Creek Pavillion at the bottom of the hill. Should be some good eats.

Well that’s all the news for now……….’til next time….

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