Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some improvement………

This past Tuesday I had my second epidural injection into my lumbar area. This time Dr. Long changed the angle slightly and put the needle in a little deeper. I could certainly tell it as I felt more pressure and discomfort this time during the procedure. But, I am pleased to say I have noticed some improvement! The numbness in my feet is not as bad as it has been. I am able to wiggle my toes alot more in both feet. Overall, my feet do not feel like I have 100 pound weights attached as I try to lift or move them. Walking with the walker around the motorhome is easier. Standing up from a seated position with the walker is much easier. And, thankfully getting in and out of the motorhome is easier. I keep pushing myself as I want to be able to get around the motorhome without the walker. I still have a ways to go for that though. I got a call from the neurologist’s office Thursday and they have moved my appointment up to next Thursday, August 19. When they scheduled me initially I wasn’t able to get in to see her until the first week in October. Dr. Long called and spoke to Dr. Rampell and they moved me up as soon as a cancellation occurred. Dr. Rampell hopefully will be able to pinpoint the location of any pinched nerve(s) or locate what is called nerve entrapment. Once that happens treatment can be directed specifically to that location. So that is the health update.

Barbie drove us up to Highlands, NC yesterday. That is the closest actual Bank of America location to us. We needed to deposit some checks we have gotten the past few weeks from Barbie’s first retirement pension check(you can’t set up direct deposit until you receive your first one), plus we’ve gotten some refund checks from the rallies we cancelled out on. It was a nice 25 minute drive up the mountain.  On way to Cashiers Highlands was crowded for sure-alot of out-of-state cars lining the main drag through town. I love the little spillway on the golf course as you enter town. Highlands, NC We came back a different route, down through the Cullasaja Gorge into Franklin. I always enjoy passing Bridal Veil Falls which is right off the road. You can actually drive your car behind the falls.

Bridal Vail Falls 2

That is a neat drive but the road at times narrows down with alot of sharp curves.

The trip to Highlands was actually my second outting of the week. Last Saturday we made a trip to Hillside Orchard Farms where we bought some local pickled vegetables and pickles. Then we stopped at Goats on the Roof-yep you read it right and I have pictures as proof. This is a clever touristy spot right on Route 441 between Tallulah Falls and Clayton. They have canned goods, jellies, crafts, food items, clothing and of course-goats on the roof ! Can you find them?


Barbie fed them by putting feed in the bucket and cranking it up to them. With all these tourists these goats eat well I’m telling ya!IMG_0150

Barbie was in awe of the place for sure.

IMG_0154Well, enough for now---Til next time……

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