Monday, August 9, 2010

First epidural down…….

I did have the first epidural last Tuesday morn about 10am. It was in question for awhile---damn Humana issues approving it. We didn't know we were a go until 8:05----55 minutes before my appt. The Mountain Lakes Medical Center folks called me Monday pm and said they still had not gotten final approval from Humana-they had faxed all info to Humana the week before but no response to that point. So I called Humana, spoke to someone who said they'd research it and get back. About 4:30pm Monday I got a call back saying the "Ortho-Net folks who do the approving had nothing from Mountain Lakes Medical Center". I got a # and fax and called MLMC. The office folks said they never heard of Ortho-Net but would get on it. About 5 til 5:00pm Monday, MLMC folks called back said they spoke to Ortho-Net folks faxed stuff to them and approval would be expedited but normally took 1-4 days. At that point I was thinking they would reschedule me. But Tuesday am we got up and prepared as though we were a go and I called at 8:05(the office opened at 8) and they told me we were a go ---a faxed approval had arrived. Barbie got us there by 8:45. They did preliminary paperwork then took me to OR. The process took about 45 minutes. Barbie was in waiting room talking with the locals while I underwent the procedure. I had a couple of shots to numb up the area first. They felt like big ole bee stings which is what Dr said before. He talked me through all he did as I was sitting on OR table with a nurse in front of me while Dr and another nurse worked behind me. The epidural itself was a lot of pressure but no real pain. I go back tomorrow and depending on what this did or didn't do, maybe have a second one right away. We'll see. I know one thing between the valium I had to take on the way there and the procedure itself ( he told me I'd probably be weaker than normal the rest of the day), I was weak and tired. We stopped at Burger King on way home got a burger but once I got in motorhome I slept for nearly 4 hours. Of course, I didn't sleep much Monday night either. The major accomplishment that day was when we got home, I told Barbie I wanted to try to go into motorhome frontways on my feet not backwards on my butt. She had to lift my feet---one at a time then I pushed off and pulled the other leg up. Bottomline we made it and I didn't have to skooch up on my butt! I think I’ve noticed some minor changes---Dr. Long did say it wouldn't be overnight. It seems I can wiggle my toes alot easier and the walking in the motorhome with the walker seems to be easier. I’m trying to be patient but it’s tough.

We went out last week and bought a new recliner for me. The one we’ve had in here for 8 years had seen it’s better days. We went to Eller & Owens, a local furniture chain here in western NC. It is only 10 miles up the road. They had a great selection and 3 brands with removable backs which is a necessity to get it in the motorhome. We got a navy blue leather one and they delivered it the next day and took the old one away. Since I spend 98% of my time in the recliner ( I even sleep in it for now), it was important to get a good one.

Before I sign off on this entry, I must THANK the following Roamin’ Rigs friends for their emails and calls over the last week wanting to know how my procedure went and offer well wishes: Pat & Sandie Gregory, Bill & Diane Maxwell, Ron & M’liss Kemerer and Tim & Carole Gates. It is a pick-me-up hearing from you believe me.

Well, ‘til next time, I’ll leave you with this view of the Dillard countryside.


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Bill Maxwell said...

Glad to hear that you feel the first step seems to be helping. Hope you improve quickly and get your strenght back soon.

We will continue with the prayers for a quick recovery.....

Bill and Dianne