Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Weather !

We’ve had great weather lately but the past couple of days have been spectacular. Check out the picture below.

Sept 5

The 60  at the top is the current outside temperature, which as you can see is the high for today at 10:29am. The temperature at the bottom was the current temperature in the rig with the windows open at that time. But, my reason for posting this picture is to show the 45 degree reading which was the low overnight sometime after midnight. What grand sleeping weather it was---even in a recliner chair! Today the high is forecast to be in the upper 70’s. This is why we are sitting in the NE Georgia mountains instead of sweating in sunny Florida.

River Vista here is full of Labor Day campers this weekend. We road around in the golf cart last evening and I counted only 7 vacant sites. Alot of folks walking around last evening plus they had a local DJ playing tunes and encouraging karoake singers down at the outside pool pavilion area. He played a few good tunes but still isn’t as good as Big Daddy DJ Jeff. Of course, that is my humble opinion.      :-)~ We went to Clayton to eat at Mama G’s, an Italian Restaurant, yesterday afternoon. We didn’t find the meal as good as it has been there in the past. They start you with out-of-this-world garlic butter topped dinner rolls. These didn’t seem fresh baked to either of us. I had a baked ziti with meatballs and Barbie had eggplant parmesan. My ziti was good but the meatballs had a frozen taste. Barbie said her sauce lacked taste. Of course, influencing our opinions might have been the fact that even though we’ve charged my Victory scooter when needed , it doesn’t seem to be holding a charge. We had just charged it and it was showing extremely low to the point, I barely made it in the restaurant and back out to the car. Now this is after Barbie had taken it in to Command Mobility, where we bought  it, Friday to have it checked out. They told her the charger was good and the batteries were good, we just needed to charge it each and every day whether I use it or not. Well, that isn’t what the manual said. Barbie will take it back Tuesday and demand new batteries.  Anyway after we ate we took a country ride around Wolfolk Valley Road which is between Clayton and Dillard.Wolfolk Road 1Wolfolk Road 2It is beautiful country I tell you !

I watched some football before we left to go out to eat yesterday. I started watching the Gators-they stunk and were lucky to win. I switched over to the Georgia Bulldog game (my second favorite team, obviously) and they looked good with local Tampa Plant HS quarterback, Aaron Murray, making his first college start. I’m glad the college football  season has begun.

Well, enough for this time with the exception of my “photo flashback”.

Old LadyWould you believe a Floridian here for the weekend? Actually I took this at the FMCA “Nifty Fifties” Southeast Area  Rally held a few years back when I was the official photographer for the rally.

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