Thursday, February 10, 2011


Since the last post there have been no earth shattering events yet I’ll share a few of the past days highlights. Last Sunday, we had a visit from friends Bill and Linda who drove up from Auburndale to spend a few hours with us before the Super Bowl. Linda and Barbie are best buddies after meeting as teachers at Mann Middle School in Brandon years ago.


Linda is still educating those youngsters while Barbie enjoys retirement. Bill and Linda are seriously looking at rvs as they are ready to trade their Class B. They seem to have settled on a Class A. They showed us plans of a new Thor Hurricane they are considering. Linda described our new Alpine 5er as more like an apartment than an rv. After we chatted for awhile we took them to Marguerita Grill, one of our favorite eateries in Homosassa.


Marguerita Grill sits right on the Halls River which flows into the Homosassa River a couple hundred yards from the restaurant. The Marguerita Grill's atmosphere is fun and lively. The restaurant is decorated with a variety of patriotic pictures and decorations. Its waterfront location allows for boat docking and a porch with waterfront seating. On Friday and Saturday nights at 9 P.M. there is September 11th memorial film, followed by the waving of American flags and singing of a patriotic song. This salute can be quite moving and emotional. While patrons don't have to agree with the owners political views, they will be asked to leave if they speak negatively about the United States. In fact, anything French is banned from the restaurant, French fries are dubbed American fries. The menu is mostly seafood but they have great burgers, gyros and steaks as well.

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The house margaritas are something. Their small size is what we traditionally see but their regular size (see above) is quite a site. I’d say the lady at the next table was enjoying it! They also have a “fish bowl” version that would have to be shared by several folks. Linda, Bill, Barbie and I had a great meal and afterwards drove them by “The Shed” and “The Freezer.” We’ll make those stops on a later visit.

Monday it was cool outside, so we got some cores done around the Alpine. We hung the toilet paper holder we purchased to match the bathroom hardware and also installed a couple of hooks. For lupper (lunch/supper)  Barbie prepared homemade chili, with cheese, onions and sour cream toppings, and garlic bread. Ummm great meal!

IMG_0996 We’ve watched some tv in the evenings this week, like our favorites: Bones, NCIS, Human Target, Mike & Molly, Hawaii Five-O and Big Bang Theory. I also must confess getting hooked on an online golf game. It is free, very realistic graphics and you can play by yourself or others online in a variety of formats on some of the world’s most famous courses.

Tuesday we went out to eat at Chilis here in Crystal River and used some of the gift cards we still have that were given to me when I retired.

Wednesday Barbie cooked a beef stew in the crock pot all day then made some cornbread. Yummy, I’m here to tell ya.


I also installed a new vacuum breaker on the toilet in the rig. It had a pesky little leak and when we mentioned it to the dealership they said to bring it on in or since we have not yet bought our new truck, they gave me they part to install.

Well, I guess that about gets us caught up. Think I’ll go online and see if I can get into a golf match and play the famous St. Andrews course in Scotland. Aren’t computers amazing!

‘Til next time…….

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SunshinecruiserTN said...

It's always fun to see friends. Food looks terrific but that margarita was HUGE!