Friday, February 25, 2011

Days Flying By….

It must be because we are on a run of some gorgeous weather here on the Nature Coast of Florida, but the days are flying by it seems. It’s not because we’ve been that busy but we are flat enjoying everyday life to the fullest. A little tv in the evenings, some computer time in the mornings (and at intervals during the evening when tv bores us), a trip to the store for groceries or some odds and ends, a little time reading,  a trip thru the rv park that ends up in conversations with others or a round or two of golf (that would be on the computer) seems to just about fill most days.

We did accomplish two necessary tasks this week. We picked up the new recliner from Badcock on Monday. I’m tellin’ ya it is comfortable. It looks good in the “Castle” and I’ve got “my” slide set up just right. Check it out.

IMG_1057   IMG_1058

As you can see, I have the chair, my laptop w/stand, printer, end table and reading light in “my” slide--oh yes, AND the tv remote. Plus, in “my” slide I have windows on 3 sides that have delivered great breezes during the magnificent weather. The beautiful thing is with the 5er I can recline in the chair and not interfere with Barbie walking around or anything like it did in the motorhome. We really are enjoying the extra floor space. It’s a great home!

The second task accomplished was we both went to the Lab Corp here in Crystal River this morning. We both had our yearly doctor check –ups down in Valrico a couple of weeks ago and our doctors wanted both of us to have some bloodwork done-no issues just part of a yearly schedule. After the Lab Corp trip (we only waited 45 minutes and we didn’t have an appointment), we ate lunch at Mama Sallys.  Having had nothing to eat since last evening’s dinner, we were both quite hungry.

We did make another “lupper” trip to Marguerita Grill, with our neighbors Russ and Jim from Michigan. Russ and Jim have come to RCC for the past few years and always have the site next to ours. I enjoyed another of the medium margaritas but check out this patron. They call that one a “fishbowl.” When I’ve seen them in the past there have been a least 2 straws sipping on it.

imagesCARHDSSUAnd you think that is large, this one is unbelievable – NO, this is NOT from Marguerita Grill! Can you say… GIANT Margarita!


I’d have to say the ONLY disappointment we encountered this week was we were part of maybe 50 rvers from the park that had positioned ourselves to watch the space shuttle launch yesterday afternoon. Well, we “heard” the liftoff on Sirius Radio’s CNN channel but because of cloud cover, we didn’t see the first vapor trail or anything. Oh well, we’ve got two more opportunities I suppose.

Well, another Saturday morning is upon us tomorrow so that means our traditional run to Kim’s Cafe for breakfast. The plan is for Charley and Sherry to join us. We’ve enjoyed each chance we’ve had to eat and chat with them. I believe there are also plans in the works for Duane and Debbie to travel to the Nature Coast area in the near future and the four of us will join them as we did in Leesburg last week for another great rvers “feed and gab” session.

‘Til next time…..I think it’s happy (margarita) hour…..


squawmama said...

Sounds like you guys are enjoying the good life... I would LOVE to dive into that Margaurita... LOL LOL Have fun at lunch... wish we were there with you all!
Travel safe

Margie and Roger said...

OMG, I hope Carolyn doesn't see the size of that margarita or we'll be driving back to RCC.

Glad you found the perfect recliner for your 'man cave' side of the 5th wheel. Good thing you've got a dog now to walk or you might never leave that chair.