Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching Up

I’m telling ya that when you “seem” to be busy, time “seems” to pass by quickly between blog entries. I just glanced at my last blog entry which was last Thursday and today is Tuesday. So its time to get caught up.

Friday was a “lost day”---all Barbie and I can remember was that she went to Publix to pick up some groceries. That means it was a computer-reading-television type day.

Saturday started early as we went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, Kim’s Cafe, in Homosassa. Nowhere else can I get two eggs over medium, crispy bacon, home fries and wheat toast for $3.00. The coffee is another $1.25 and they’ll keep bringing it as long as you drink it. The service is fast too. We love the place as it is a gathering spot for the locals. We see the same folks there every Saturday morning it seems. We enjoy the food and the conversation but the bonus is the group of amateur musicians that gather and play just outside of the restaurant each Saturday morning for a couple of hours.


Sometimes they’ll be just a couple of guitars , a banjo and a bass fiddle. But, we’ve seen the group blossom to 10-12 on occasion. They do it because they enjoy playing they say. They play predominantly bluegrass style music. It is quite a happening.

About 3:00pm  we headed for Cedar Key which is about 60 minutes north of Crystal River. For you followers of our blog, you may remember we made the same trip just before the new year began. We, once again, had lunch at Tony’s World Champion Chowder Spot and then went to Black Dog Bar & Tables, a beer, wine and cigar bar right on the water. It was the One Year Anniversary Party at BDB&T. The party began at 5pm and we headed back home at 7:30pm. The party went on until after midnight I understand. The food was great, the beer was cold, the music was awesome, the conversation was stimulating and Otis ( the black labradoodle, as in Black Dog Bar & Tables) weaved around the establishment continuously. We enjoy that place –wish it was closer to us in Crystal River.

Sunday we drove down to Valrico (just east of Tampa) to our stix-n-brix home to spend the evening as Barbie had her doctor’s appointment Monday morn. We also wanted to do some truck shopping on Valentine’s Day as well. Gotta get the new truck to pull the new 5er you know! Barbie had a successful doctor’s visit, she did some laundry at the house Sunday night and we visited 3 dealerships and test drove 3, one ton, single rear wheel pick-up trucks. We didn’t get back here to Rock Crusher Canyon until 6:30pm. It certainly was a busy Monday.

On Monday, blogger friends, Charley and Sherry, and Cheyenne, their furkid travel buddy, checked in to Rock Crusher for a month, so we wanted to visit them this morning and welcome them to the neighborhood. We spent some time chatting with them and finalizing our plans to have lunch with them and meeting fellow bloggers, Debbie and Duane.

The six of us planned to meet for lunch tomorrow, Wednesday, in Leesburg, midpoint between Crystal River and Orange City where Duane and Debbie are set up. So, we plan to leave at 10:00am, with Charley driving. It surely will be a nice trip with great weather and fellowship.

After welcoming Charley and Sherry to the neighborhood and getting our “puppy fix” we went and met more “bloggin’ buddies”, Carolyn and Margie, for lunch.  Carolyn and Margie drove over from Davenport where they are set up to visit the Nature Coast today. We met them at Marguerita Grill in Homosassa, where we enjoyed seafood lunches  and margaritas. Did I mention the margaritas? :-)~ Margie enjoyed a small one, I had a medium, Barbie had a draft beer and Carolyn sampled both a small and medium margarita – at the same time.

IMG_1024    IMG_1023

We had good conversation, good food, and really good drinks on the patio looking out onto the Halls River. A good time was had by all!


After lunch we came back to our site in RCC and chatted for awhile before Margie and Carolyn took off for Davenport. It was a great day in paradise I’m tellin’ ya!

Well, so much for “catching up”

‘Til next time…..


Cruzin2some said...

You guys really have been busy!

Sounds like old home week.

Travel Safe
Dawn & Denise

squawmama said...

OK... what a great time but the only thing wrong is "Where are we". LOL LOL Would love to hook up with everyone again!
Have fun & travel safe

SunshinecruiserTN said...

It was great being in that area and visiting with you and Barbie. You make great hosts! Love your new Castle.

Jim and Dee said...

Hey, it's out turn to get in all the fun. Let's get together before we all leave this area. You're just having way too much fun.