Friday, April 19, 2013

Left Florida, After 5 Months

We left Crystal River on Tuesday, April 16, after spending time at our Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park site since November 8th. It was definitely time to go!!!! It was getting hot and humid and we didn’t want to tolerate that weather anymore. We do not have to, after all, our home is on wheels,  on the road we are.
We stopped at Coastal Georgia  RV Resort in Brunswick, GA, on Tuesday night. This is a great park for overnight or short term stays! The sites are very long and even though it doesn’t look wide, it really is livable. There are hedges on both sides to separate the sites, which make it very pretty. All the sites are concrete with full hook ups. They even had a Bark Park for Kozmo, which she went into but didn’t really like because she “told” me, Barbie, she doesn’t like fenced in areas. J She was a great rider in the truck. She slept about 90% of the time and got some “lovin” and food when we stopped at a rest stop in Georgia. The only problem with Coastal GA RV Resort were the no see-ums. When I took Kozmo out at 8 PM, the little bugs were in my hair which I had just washed before going out with her. They must have loved my shampoo and hair gel  I put on. A great stop for overnight though.
We did have a minor annoying problem on the road. Our truck is equipped with a towing brake package and the light came on the dashboard saying our trailer brakes were disconnected, and then 5 to 10 seconds later it would say it was now connected again. The annoying thing was the ping sound associated with the message every time it came on. The message came on quite frequently. We stopped to check out the plug and found a small opening on it where the cord was slightly separated from the head. Maybe some moisture got in there causing it to short periodically. Jeff put some tape on it but the next day we still have the problem. Annoying and frustrating YES!!! Although when braking, Jeff says he’s never felt we had NO brakes to the 5th wheel. What are we going to do about it? I don’t know yet.
We got up at 6:30 Wednesday morning and left at 7:50 to head over to the Flying J, which was at the same exit for some diesel gas. The gas was $3.98 a gallon. We knew we would have a long drive on Wednesday to get to our destination at Longs, SC. We were on the road at 8:30 and stopped at 10:40 at a rest stop to eat some great sandwiches that I made and to walk Kozmo, who was sleepy again today. We left there and after several hours of driving  got a bit panicky when we hit the Conway area (within 15 miles of our destination), and didn’t know which way to go since the two GPS systems we were using were different. We actually went to the downtown Conway area, which was very tight, but we made it through there fine. We arrived at Willow Tree RV Resort at 2:45. This place is in the middle of nowhere but absolutely gorgeous! The sites are huge!!! There is a one mile paved pathway around a beautiful lake that we haven’t explored yet. The only disadvantage of this park is the weak wifi internet system. They have one but it is virtually useless at our site. Although the meters indicate a strong connection, once connected to the internet, which is difficult, it drops the connection frequently and is slow when refreshing pages.  We are using our Verizon card which is good but eats up the megabytes pretty fast. The other disadvantage is the lack of a cable system-they do not have one. But with our antenna, we are able to get 30 local stations, which is great. We tried to get on our satellite dish, but we weren’t successful. That is OK, we don’t need to watch TV. There are other things to do around here. Here are a few pictures of Willow Tree but they have many on their website. Look HERE.

Watching over our site
We drove to Myrtle Beach area on Thursday to “scout” the area.  Before we headed to the beach area we desperately needed some diesel. We found some only 5 minutes away and the price was $3.81 a gallon. After we got to North Myrtle Beach area it really wasn’t crowded, which was great. We drove around just to get a feel of where things are. I definitely want to go to Broadway at the Beach, which has shops and restaurants. We saw a SAS factory outlet store which I would like to take a look at. We need some items at Camping World and WalMart so that will be another day. We drove along Ocean Boulevard and couldn’t believe how many public access areas there are to park your vehicle. Since we had Kozmo with us we were limited to not eating in a sit-down restaurant. So, we found a Chick Fil –A  that didn’t have an eat in area. They had picnic tables and chairs under umbrellas which were nice and two drive-thrus. I went up to the walk-up window and ordered our meal and then we ate it in the truck since the temperature was 74 degrees out with a nice breeze. Afterwards, we went to TCBY yogurt place, which we did not like. The flavors all  lacked flavor. My great friend Linda told me about a frozen yogurt place in which you pick your yogurt and then get toppings on it. We are going to try and find a place like that up here.
After getting back to the rig at 5pm we watched TV and got caught up on the internet. It started to rain at 5:30pm  and it wasn’t supposed to rain. It did that all night long in spurts. Today, Friday, it showered a bit but the wind is strong. We know the weather is supposed to get a bit ugly later on tonight so we won’t be doing any site seeing today. We are staying here for a week so we will have the time to see it all, hopefully with the weather cooperating. The temperatures are very pleasant, in the 70’s and when the rain leaves us on Saturday morning the highs will be in the 60’s. Did I say how nice the weather is???
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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

No see-ums are as bad as those love bugs. Just drives me crazy.

The same thing happened to us with the towing brake. Paul had to unplug it and turn the truck off. He plugged it back in and then it worked fine.

Willow Tree looks beautiful. Love the eagle shot.

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Lee and Mary said...

We were just at Willow Tree for 10 days leading up to last Thursday. It's one of our favorite places. Glad you like it there. There is a frozen yogurt store named Sweet Frog on 17 in N Myrtle Beach in front of Lowe's Hardware. It fits the description in your blog.
Have a great summer and if we don't make it to Dillard this year, we'll see you at Rock Crusher.
Lee & Mary