Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

No April Fool's Day jokes here!
I (Barbie) am not a good “fooler” so my April fools pranks are juvenile. I tried to pull one over on my friend Linda, but it didn’t work. She saw through me right away. I remember when I was a teacher, kids tried to fool me, but most did not succeed. I tried to fool them, and did not succeed either. So I think I will give up.haha
Easter around Rock Crusher was quiet. They had a meal up at the clubhouse but we didn’t go because it is always so crowded and loud. We heard it was an excellent one though. They served lasagna. We Boldts had country fried chicken (baked) with white gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and pea salad for our meal. It was very tasty!  I had previously washed down the utility trailer and stopped every so often to talk to our neighbors Judy and Roger, and some other people who came by. It, the utility trailer,  is very nice and clean except for the top of it. I used white vinegar and Dawn dishwashing detergent, equal amounts of it, and put it in a squirt bottle. The smell was beautiful and I will use that again on things that are white in nature. Jeff got the idea on Pinterest from a fellow RV’er, Nancy Puig. Thanks Nancy for the tip!
We went to pick up our new eyeglasses  this afternoon. Mine are fine so far. Jeff’s had to be returned because he noticed three small scratches on the right lens. They told him it would take two weeks to get it done. Well, that is unsatisfactory because we hope to be out of here by April 16th. So, if they don’t come here in time, we will have to contact them and they will have to mail them to our Dillard address. So we are keeping our fingers crossed. Since Jeff was totally frustrated  by this, we decided to drink ourselves into a “frenzy” and went to Sonic for a root beer float. That always seems to calm us down J. Even Kozmo got into the action and had a bit of ice cream. It didn’t spoil her supper since she didn’t have that much.
As to Kozmo’s health… she is great! We think it was the cold weather and it caused her arthritis to act up. Last night we put her on the dining room table and clipped her head, neck, belly, tail area, face and some of her paws. She looks so cute! This is her “summer clip” but will have to do her again in two months when she gets a little “wild” again. She is truly a great dog when we clip her. Jeff clips and I attempt to hold her still. She gets many rests in the 35 minutes that we work on her. And of course, she gets rewarded with a piece of turkey bacon when we are finished.
Well dinner calls and we are having a simple dinner of tuna fish sandwiches with French fries. Monday night is a big night on television for us. We love Bones, The Following, Revolution, Hawaii Five -0, and Dancing with the Stars, so we will be DVRing some of the shows since they come on at the same time.
Until next time….

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Good news about Kozom. Glad y'all had a nice Easter and are doing well.