Thursday, January 19, 2012

RV Supershow & More

We went down to our house in Valrico, Florida last Wednesday to prepare ourselves for our day long adventure to the Tampa Fairgrounds where the Florida RV Supershow was held. Every type of rv is represented at the show from Class B camping vans, truck campers, Class A and C  gas as well as diesel motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and even park model homes. There is everything from a couple thousand dollar pop-up campers to over $2 million dollar Class A buses.

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The admission cost was $10 per person without a coupon or $9 per person if you had a coupon. Seniors Day on Wednesday was also $9. We brought Jeff’s scooter along so he would enjoy the day much better without having to worry about his back giving out on him. For those of you who have never attended this show, it is huge and covers alot of ground. We even took Kozmo who spent most of the time on Jeff’s scooter on the floor taking in EVERYTHING! She looked like she was a kid in the candy store. She was very well behaved and got many compliments on her cute looks and behavior.

We arrived at the Super Show at 9:15am Thursday and saw many old friends. We saw Pat and Sandie Gregory, Tom and Sharon Mann, who were all from the Roamin’ Rigs, the FMCA club we used to belong to when we had the motorhomes. We saw many people from Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort who drove to Tampa for the show, and two couples from our place in River Vista RV Resort in Dillard, Georgia. We ventured to the vendor building which was overly crowded. Since the weather on Wednesday was a wash out, senior citizens were everywhere. We saw Karen and Rob, the managers from River Vista, manning the River Vista  booth. We actually won a free night in one of the cabins provided we spend money for three nights. We ran into Roy from Quandra Bigfoot Jacks who put on our hydraulic jacks last May. If you want these jacks he is located in Lakeland, Florida. We went through many fifth wheels. We saw great kitchens in the Heartland Big Country fifth wheel and saw beautiful bathrooms in the Mobile Suites made by DRV. We saw a great plan in the Thor Redwood fifth wheel in regards to the entertainment section located in one of the slideout areas.  A new fifth wheel made by Palomino called the Columbus was different in that the kitchen island actually moved to your liking. They also had a fantastic side by side wall hugger recliner with a middle hand section in this model. I believe these are referred to as “theater seats.” I would really like to replace our sofa with this beauty. But all in all, if we could put all of the things we like into one fifth wheel, then we would have a new fifth wheel. But that “ain’t gonna happen”. :-)

While in the Valrico area we just had to eat at some places that don’t exist in the Crystal River area. We ate at Zaxby’s chicken and had great chicken with fries, cole slaw and Texas toast. We ate at Five Guys and had their great burgers and fries with wonderful iced tea. We stopped on our way back to the rig Friday in Brooksville at the Chick Fil-A and had their chicken sandwich. They have a new Tortilla Chicken Soup which was very good-quite spicy. We have plans on stopping at Buffet City, a Chinese restaurant  located in Brooksville. Hopefully we will get there this week. Nick and Terry Russell from the Gypsy Journal magazine and blog, have recommended this place several times since they have been down here in Florida. We ate at Dan’s Clam Stand here in Homosassa this evening for dinner and just loved it as usual. We wish Sherry and Charlie could have been here to enjoy the great clam chowder and shrimp with us. We are thinking of you both!

Kozmo continues to amaze us with her “mannerisms”. We have included some pictures of her outside in the dirt, on her new outside pillow and her time in her inside bed. We put a fleece blanket on her inside bed and she just loves it. But her best time still is lying on the dirt outside our rig. She even smells like dirt sometimes. Luckily her bath time is coming up so she can smell like a princess again.

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On another positive note, I went to a new doctor last Monday here in Crystal River and really like him. My blood pressure, heart, pulse and thyroid is great! This past Monday the 16th,  I went for a bone density scan and my osteopenia is holding its own for the last three years. Blood work is next month and a follow up with the doctor in regards to this is also scheduled for February. I am happy to find someone up here in Crystal River so in case I do get sick I don’t have to travel two hours to Valrico to see my old doctor. We are both going to look into optometrists in this area soon. This past Tuesday evening there was a barbequed chicken dinner with Buckaroo Bruce’s baked beans, cole slaw, roll and iced tea. Ninety three tickets were sold for this dinner. It was quite good as well!

Lots more to look forward to this week… Saturday morning blueberry pancake breakfast in the clubhouse,  a wine tasting gathering will be held in the clubhouse on Saturday evening where every couple brings a bottle of red or white wine that all participants will blind taste. Voting will be done and a prize awarded to the couple who brings the favorite red and white wines. We all are also to bring a snack to share. Sounds like fun huh?   Saturday and Sunday in downtown Crystal River is also the Manatee Arts and Crafts Festival. We really have enjoyed this in past years. Many vendors (about 100) line the streets with their craft items. There are additional food booths, musical entertainment and boat tours of King’s Bay. They even are running shuttles to the Seven Sisters Springs area where the manatees all huddle up in the crystal clear spring waters. We’ll no doubt spend a couple of hours enjoying the festival AND contributing to the local economy. :-)

That’s about it for now. Until next time….


Margery said...

Kozmo is such a sweetheart...nothing like a dog, eh?

Appreciated your reviews of some of the restaurants in the area. Look forward to your review of the Chinese buffet in Brooksville. Have found the food at a Chinese buffets to taste all about the same...different meats, similar sauce. Will appreciate another review.

Good to hear you are holding your own with your health!

where's weaver said...

Wow...have you two been busy and will continue to be busy. We follow another blog that talked about the RV show. They loved it and ended up buying some items they never knew existed.
Kozmo is a cutie for sure. What fun just to sit and watch her.
The wine event sounds really pretty cool. Nice thing is you can drink and don't have to drive. Enjoy.

Karen and Al said...

It's funny Kozmo likes to sleep in the dirt but also loves his fleece blanket. Our kitties love their fleece as well.

We're trying to find a family doctor in the to share the name of the new doc?

Anonymous said...

So sorry we missed seeing you and Barbie at the RV Show but it was so crowded on Wednesday that I am surprised I didn't lose Danny.
We went back on Thursday and it was much better. It is a bit more difficult using a walker at the show but well worth it.
I even won 2 free nights at River Vista in Dillard. How cool is that.
Nancy & Danny Puig

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Wow!! You two have been very busy and it looks like it is not slowing down anytime soon.... And thanks for the honorable mention re: Dan's Clam Stand!! Yum, I can taste it right now!! :)

Kozmo is a cutie!! Sounds like she is a hit wherever she goes!! Cheyenne has been in similar situations and was very well behaved and noticed too. Makes you so proud!!

Keep having fun!! Still waiting on the New Year's Baby costume pictures of Big Daddy DJ!! Just kidding!!

SunshinecruiserTN said...

This was my first year at the RV show and I LOVED it! I went down on Sat and stayed all night and went in at 9 on Sun and it was not crowded at all. Had a great time and friends had given me their re-entry ticket so all I had was parking. Not bad. Spent too much money but didn't buy a new rig. LOL

Koz is in heaven either way.

Margie and Roger said...

Kozmo looks like such a sweetie. You all have been so busy - but having lots of fun.

Carolyn just bought a new mattress and loves it. She can give you details.