Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 – Off to a Good Start

We celebrated New Year’s with Jeff, aka Big Daddy DJ,  DJ’ing the Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park New Year’s Eve Dance. There were probably about 95 people in attendance and they all seemed to have a lot of fun dancing, snacking, sipping adult beverages, talking to each other and eventually feeling quite stiff and sore the next day. We heard of no one complaining of hangover type symptoms Sunday, but we did hear of alot of achy knees and sore backs from all the dancing. It’s amazing how a bit of alcohol can cause one to do do things they regret later. :-) This was probably the best turn out for a Rock Crusher  New Years gathering yet.

Carol & Ken 2   DSC_0022

New Years Eve Dance 10   New Years Eve Dance 2

New Years Eve Dance 24   Joan

New Years Eve Dance 5   Big Daddy DJ

Sunday, we were invited to Canadian friends, Allan and Ruth’s rig for some great conversation and snacks and more adult beverages. We met some neat people who were all from Canada and a lot of fun to be around. The game of Ladders, otherwise known as Bolo Golf to us, was played and enjoyed on their site. Kozmo was invited to the gathering and met two other puppies named Breezy and Lola. She already knew Allan and Ruth’s dog named Henry and they are all so sweet !

Ruth & Allan    Allan & Ruth

We haven’t done much of anything around here except try to keep warm the last three days. The lowest temperature we had was 23 degrees on Tuesday morning. We stayed warm with the two electric heaters on after the heat pump shut off below 30 degrees. We had to put the furnace on for two hours to get the chill off though. We hate to use the furnace as it uses so much propane. We were happy today to sit outside today and rake a lot of leaves into beautiful piles. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. We even took a golf cart ride without getting cold. Spoke with lots of people in the park. You can tell the “snowbirds” are arriving in force. It is good to see them again.

We went with three other couples to Peck’s Old Port Cove restaurant in Ozello which is about 25 minutes away. The company and food were great! Jeff had his usual peel-n-eat garlic shrimp which helped in preventing vampires from attacking him at night :-) and I had the fried shrimp, scallops and oyster platter which was very good. Peck’s is near the end of Ozello Trail road which has many curves and marshes on both sides of the road as it heads west towards the Gulf of Mexico. It can be intimidating while you drive out there. We know not to be out there after dark because there are no lights to guide you on the road. Many of the houses out there are on stilts. But then again if a hurricane came through, you would have to evacuate because there would be water over the roads very quickly. The restaurant had burned down several years ago but had been rebuilt since it was so popular.

We helped out on Thursday morning in the clubhouse to launch a new club called the 1 Buck Coffee Club. It costs a dollar for unlimited coffee. One must bring a 16 ounce or smaller cup for the coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We brought some donut holes from Dunkin Donuts and some other people brought some cookies and pumpkin bread. Even though the temperature was 35 degrees, about a dozen people showed up for coffee and we made a good dent in solving the world’s problems. We hope it will be a weekly event because the people said they enjoyed getting together like this.

RCC CupWe have several food events in the park coming up. Saturday morning is another breakfast at the clubhouse . These are held every other Saturday. Since we won a free breakfast coupon at the last breakfast during a raffle, we will only have to pay for one this time. Next Tuesday is a soup and salad night which was very popular last year. There are two choices of soup and several dressing choices for the salad. For $5 a person you can fill up on soup and salad. Later in the month are a hotdog w/fixins night, a chicken barbeque, and spaghetti dinner. Throw in a Sundae Sunday one week and a strawberry shortcake night the next Sunday on top of those events. Oh, and how could I forget a wine tasting gathering on a Saturday evening---oh boy!

We will be traveling to Valrico on Wednesday afternoon to prepare ourselves for going to the RV Super Show in Tampa on Thursday. We know it is Senior Citizen Day on Wednesday but last year there were so many people that we got a little frustrated. We even get to bring Kozmo this year since they allow mild tempered pets on leashes. She certainly qualifies. We will head back to our rig on Friday. Maybe we will see some of you there at the Super Show on Thursday.

‘Til next time… hope your new year is going well for you!


Michael and Dee said...

Love your photos! Looks like a great party. I agree that Canadians are fun people.

where's weaver said...

NYE party looks like it was a big hit. Love all the dancing!
1 Buck Coffee Club...great idea. I will have to suggest Soup and Salad night here at the park. I read on someone's blog that this month is Soup month.
You people sure do eat good there in the park...LOL

Karen and Al said...

It looks like there are a lot of "wild and crazy" folks up there!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Great pictures (although I did not see one of Jeff dressed as Baby New Year!!)... :)

Sounds like 2012 is off to a very good start at Rock Crusher. Wish we could be there but what we are doing right now is much more important.

And don't forget to keep getting Dan's Clam Chowder and thinking about us when you do!!