Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween – Headed South

It has been a great summer and fall up here in Dillard, Georgia, at River Vista RV Resort. We have thoroughly enjoyed our friends, the countryside, relaxing and the dances we’ve DJed here at the park. But, the leaves have turned, Halloween is behind us and the past 5 mornings the temperatures have been in the upper 20’s. Sooooo it is time to head south! We’re getting the last few things done today and we’re hitching up the “Castle” and pulling out tomorrow morning. Tomorrow’s journey will take us across northern Georgia to the western side of the state to the Yogi Jellystone Park in Bremen, Georgia. This park is just off of I-20, just east of the Alabama state line. Microsoft Streets and Trips software says it should take about four and one-half hours. We’ll see about that. Friday, our plans are to travel a little over three hours and then stop at Sherling Lake Campground in Greenville, Alabama, which is just off of I-65 and south of Montgomery. Then on Saturday we’ll drive the final three hours to Foley, Alabama, for our one week stay at Anchors Aweigh RV Resort. We’ve never camped in this area but have always wanted to do so. We hope to explore the area and see if we can catch some “throwed rolls” at Lambert’s Cafe. In addition, to the beef, chicken, fish, pork, etc, or other main entrees with veggies, we hear they provide "pass arounds" at no charge to those ordering from the menu. These "extras" are brought to you by servers carrying pots or other containers of fried okra, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes, black eyed peas, and sorghum and honey. Makes me hungry thinking about it. I’ll be sure to report back on the place. After our week in the Foley area, we’ll head “home” to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River, Florida. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends and getting back to Rock Crusher for the winter. It seems like a lot longer than last May that we left RCC.

Let me backtrack to this past weekend. River Vista hosted their last activity filled weekend of the season, celebrating Halloween. Between the weekenders here for the events, and a 40 rig American Coach Owners Association Georgia Rally held here, the campground was full. There was popcorn ball making, pumpkin carving and movies for the kids. Friday night at 9pm, a cocktail party was held for the adults. The originally booked piano player canceled, so they managed to get a local musician that plays guitar and fiddle and regularly performs at a couple of local venues, to entertain. It was a shame that only about 18 folks attended and some of those were the work campers and managers of the park. Of course, the rain all day and into the evening probably caused a low turnout. Saturday was a beautiful, yet cool, day. There was a covered dish dinner for the weekend campers at 4:30pm on one side of the Mountain Village Center in the park, and the rally group had a catered dinner for themselves on the other side. The dance, with Big Daddy DJ as host, was to start at 7:00pm BUT, there was a large crowd in the Center watching the final minutes of the Florida vs. Georgia football game (and many in their rvs, I’m sure), we decided to wait until the game ended. It was a wise decision as once the game was over the Mountain Village Center filled with costumed kids, costumed adults, rally goers and the rest. We had a GREAT time watching the dancers, as well as announcing the kids and adults costume winners as well as the best decorated rv sites. Included below are some pictures from the evenings activities. Everyone seemed to have a great time as we had folks, both kids and adults, on the dance floor all night. That was the last of the five dances we’ve DJed since May at the campground. I’ve had a blast-plus the cash has paid for a few meals out along the way! :-) Big Daddy DJ is already booked for a New Years Eve Dance and Valentines Dance at Rock Crusher Canyon with hopefully a couple of other events there or at other rv parks in the area this winter.

River Vista Halloween BillboardMountain Village Center 2   stage decorations

Bald head   chef and lobster 2

early dance  adult costume judging

Mom & Daughter  three lady finalists

kids costume judging  YMCA

It’s time to finish up some odds and ends before going to bed.

‘Til next time……


FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...have you two been busy or what! So glad the Halloween party was a huge success. From the pictures, it looks like a little of YMCA was on the agenda.
We had a great meal at Lambert's. Just be aware...they are packed all the time! And of course you know we really like the Foley area and Gulf Shores. If you want to do some good shopping, don't miss the Tangier Outlet mall.
Safe travels. We look forward to your comments on the Foley/Gulf Shores area.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Definitely time to head south. we plan on being just south of Montgomery, AL on Sunday for one night as we head down to Gulf Shores State Park for week before hitting FL panhandle for a three month stop.

Karen and Al said...

You have certainly had a busy summer. Hope we can meet up sometime this winter!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Be careful traveling to the sunny (and warmer) climate!! You and Barbie will love Lambert's!! The food is good but the fun of "throwed rolls" and pass arounds is even better. And they were so nice when we were last there. My meal was free because I was in a wheelchair!! What a nice gesture and something they do not have to do!!

You guys be careful and get to your destination safely!! Say hi to Kozmo!!