Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love Being Back at Rock Crusher Canyon

Barbie writing this at the moment.

We arrived back to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River at 2:00pm on Monday following a nice 4 hour drive from Ho Hum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL. We noticed right away the warmth and humidity compared to where we were for most of the summer and fall. But, we are NOT complaining. It feels good to be back “home” for the next almost six months or so. Jeff backed the fifth wheel into the site with ease. We had to get it “perfect” so I got out the measuring stick making sure we weren’t crooked on our paver covered site. I never trust my eyes on this because I don’t see things as straight as well as I used to many years ago.


We noticed our lot needs some clean up due to weeds and leaves that have accumulated the last six months. We left here early last May. But, those projects will come in time. We got the important things done today, which is the cable hooked up and the DirecTV working in case something happens to the cable. Plus,obviously the water, electric and sewer hook-ups and all jacks down and all four slide out rooms extended. We were so tired that we went out to Arby’s for take-out. Before we did that we needed diesel fuel desperately for the truck. We kept looking for places along HWY 19 to stop during today’s drive  south. We never seemed to find the right place. Diesel was $3.95 at the Race Trac station in Homosassa. We noticed later on that it was $0.14 cheaper at the Race Trac in Crystal River. We didn’t fill up the first time because it stopped us at $85.00, so we feel better that we can go somewhere else next time and save a few cents.

Tuesday was the kind of day that I wanted to get out and tackle the weeds and get the golf cart that was stored in our utility trailer out and charged up. But, first we went to breakfast at our favorite little spot in the area, Kim’s Cafe. They do a great two egg, home fries, bacon (or sausage patties) and toast breakfast for $3.00. Barbie got a breakfast BLT (with egg). After arriving back at the site, it was back to the chores. The golf cart was an easy chore but I didn’t spend too much time weeding due to my head cold. I was hacking and congested and just plain miserable. Jeff did some weeding and that helped out a lot. I am usually a “witch” when I get sick so I am not nice to be around. Jeff went to the clubhouse at 6:30 pm to check out a karaoke fella that is new to the park this winter and also to mingle with some people who had just finished a grilled chicken dinner.  I decided to stay in the rig and put a breathe right strip on my nose and load up on Vicks and Afrin Nasal Spray and make sure I had a full tissue box handy. Apparently it helped because I slept pretty good. Now today, Wednesday, I feel much better. I got out and weeded and used the leaf blower to get rid of lots of acorns that have accumulated from the oak trees around here and covered the pavers. Jeff went to another meeting at 10:30 this morning dealing with activities that the park is planning this season. Jeff is booked to do four DJ dances this season. They’ve scheduled a “Welcome Back” Dance, Saturday, November 26, the big New Years Eve Dance, a Valentines Day Dance and an End of Season Dance on Friday, April 13. He found out that bingo will be starting back up again on Wednesdays beginning at the end of November. That is something I want to do this year.

We went to Dan’s Clam Stand for lupper (lunch/supper) at 2:00 this afternoon. Very good meal! Jeff had fried shrimp and fries and I had a burger and fries. His shrimp was excellent and mine was very good too! We both had a cup of clam chowder as well. Dan’s has the BEST New England clam chowder. If you are reading this Sherry, we thought about you and Charley today while eating our chowder!!! January is not too far off. :-) We then went to Publix, where “shopping is a pleasure”, for some items. It was then that I realized that I really miss the Ingles Supermarket that we use in Clayton, Georgia. Don’t get me wrong… I love Publix too but Ingles has more of a variety, plus it has a Starbucks inside. :-)

We are going to start making a list of things that we will do soon. One of the things we need to get finished is the weeding first. Jeff wants to build wooden steps that lead into the rig. The ones we had made in Dillard are structurally sound and built to last a long time. So Jeff will tackle it using the same measurements and wood that was used on our Dillard steps.

Kozmo tells us that she loves being back in Crystal River. She “told” me yesterday that her paws love the grass and pavers on this site compared to the gravel on our site she had to endure in Dillard.

Kozmo  Boldt One Happy Girl !

Plus, she is back with her “friends”, namely the squirrels. No rabbit hunts here, but squirrels galore.She sat outside today just looking at the squirrels in the trees while I was weeding. She said that she wishes the weather were less humid though. Our high temperature today was 83 degrees with humidity near 85% this morning.

‘Til next time…..from the beautiful Nature Coast of Florida….

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where's weaver said...

$3 for bkfast...fantastic.
Your place looks beautiful. Would like to see more of the park.
Glad you are feeling better. We told do not like all the humidity. YUCK!

Margie and Roger said...

Geez, it would almost be worth it to drive there for the $3 breakfast! Welcome home! Kozmo sure looks happy. You really have a nice site there - time to get the work done and kick back. Hope you continue to feel better. Maybe Carolyn and I can return for some of those great margaritas.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Yippee, they are back! I'm sure that's what the folks are saying around there. Sounds like it's going to be a busy time with all the parties. Hope you feel better soon. Hope to see you sometime this season.

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Glad that you made it back to Rock Crusher safely!!

And you shouldn't have mentioned Dan's and that delicious clam chowder!! Mine and Charley's mouths are watering big time!!

And that $3 breakfast at the diner!! We cannot wait. Can we just skip the rest of November and December?? :)

squawmama said...

Glad your back ~ we visited last Monday and just missed you... but we saw your site! We booked next winter for 6 months on site 185... Just arpound the corner from your place. We are excited and plan on staying there each winter from here out... We are tired of the traffic and conjestion in Pinellas.
Have fun & Travel safe