Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally, A new post from the Boldts

We can’t believe it has been almost two months since we last blogged. Shame on us! Yes, we are having a great time in Dillard, Georgia. Here is a recap of the last two months.

Jeff did the first street dance at River Vista during Memorial Day weekend. It was a success! He had about 6 children who crowded him as he was playing tunes. I call them his “Big Daddy’s Fan Club”. They were requesting songs and even asked him for his autograph. There was lots of dancing, singing while dancing, and a good time to be had by all. Even though the campground wasn’t 100% full but it sure did seem like it.

I celebrated my birthday on June 4 and turned a young 58 years old.
It was celebrated very quietly because I don’t like to be the center of attention for birthdays. Jeff took me out to eat at Mama G’s, an Italian restaurant, in Clayton, Georgia.

Jeff had a ziti casserole and I had eggplant parmesan.
Jeff’s was very good while mine was a bit soggy since it was put over spaghetti. It had been crisp to start out with but by not putting it on the side, it didn’t last long as being crisp. Plus, they didn’t give you much of it for $12.95. There was no salad or other side item. They did have garlic rolls, which seemed stale and lacked garlic taste. Afterwards we headed to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. I like their oreo blizzard and I added peanut butter sauce to it to make it really good. My parents called and my mother sang Happy Birthday to me. My close friend Linda Forrest called and we spoke almost two hours. So, all in all it was a nice day.

We have been searching furniture stores for a loveseat recliner or a loveseat to replace the uncomfortable loveseat that is in the rig now. I found a Lazy Boy loveseat recliner that would be great for the space but it isn’t as comfortable to just sit straight up on. The recliner part is fantastic. The color wasn’t that great but you can order what you want. So, I will keep on looking until I find what I want. I have ruled out leather because it just isn’t comfortable for me.

We did buy two Adirondack chairs from Goats on the Roof, which is located in Clayton. They were having a 50% off sale. These chairs have been aged since they have been sitting outside but they are very comfortable. After bringing them home and cleaning them up, we put them on the deck to dry out completely. We are going to stain them and possible put cushions on the seats. See below for one of the chairs. They swivel AND glide and were a great buy!

I finally took my two boxes of recipes that I had collected through the years and perused it. I scanned the recipes I wanted to keep and cropped them, then saved them to the computer. I have about 600 recipes that I saved. Now who in their right mind would keep so many recipes? I wonder how many of them I will actually use. LOL I am already working on my next “project,” which is cleaning out the file cabinet we have in the rig. I am also going to scan papers and cut up the papers we don’t need. I started that project today and am done with A and B files. At this rate, it might take me two weeks to get it all done.

Jeff is still working his part-time job for River Vista by doing FACEBOOK updates for the resort. Go to FACEBOOK, type “River Vista RV Resort”, and then LIKE it after it comes up, if you haven't already done so. He does a great job with pictures and information. Must keep that guy busy!!!! Speaking of River Vista, Managers Bob and Karen have been busy with projects around the park (Bob) and planning a new 5-day rally in September (Karen) that will be sponsored by Tom Johnson Camping Center from North Carolina. They will bring units to River Vista, there will be seminars, something like 7 meals included in the rally package, and, of course, will have a Big Daddy DJ Dance one of the nights. Karen is still finalizing all the details. Once she does I’ll post info on the River Vista FACEBOOK site and on this blog. Maybe some of our rving friends will come to River Vista for the rally. After all, it is a great time of the year up here in the mountains.

I am keeping busy with our flowers/herbs/vegetables. I saw that two tomatoes are now coming on the bushes and the rosemary, basil, and parsley are coming in very nicely. I already picked some basil and parsley and used them in recipes such as my Pizza Casserole and tomatoes and onions in vinaigrette sauce. I am going to put the basil and goat cheese on a baguette along with olive oil and garlic and toast them. We have had that before and it was really tasty. After the season is over, or whenever the weather starts to get cool, I will take the herbs and separately put them in a food processor and drizzle oil in it to make a paste. When that is done, I will freeze them in ice cube trays and then after freezing, place them in freezer containers in the freezer for later use. They say it should last two years. But, it won’t last that long since I will be using it. Take a look at the pictures below to see how well my “green thumb” is helping these things survive. I say that now but I hope the rabbits don’t get into anything.

Our friends Nancy and Danny from Tampa were staying in River Vista for 5 nights before they headed on their summer trip. It is always so great to see them! They have three dogs that are getting up there in years but they are still cute chihuahuas! We went out with them to eat at the Dillard House late Monday afternoon.
It was the first time for them. We brought back four to go boxes and had a great time! During the Father’s Day weekend, the staff at River Vista donated a Brinkman Charcoal Smoker to be given away at the bingo game Saturday night. We had 6 tickets and Nancy and Danny had 16 tickets. When they were visiting us they told us that they already owned a smoker in Florida. After I said I really wanted to win that smoker, Danny said he didn’t know why they got so many tickets since he doesn’t win anything anyway. I told him since he said that he will now win. And they did! Nancy and Danny were so nice about it that they told us they were going to “store” the smoker with us and we could use it!!! So, now we have a smoker that we need to learn how to use before Nancy and Danny visit River Vista again so we can have some good smoked pork!!!
Thank you Nancy and Danny for giving us this new experience! While they were here the weather on a couple of days was a little wet. Nancy being a Turner Classic Movie fan, loaned us four DVD’s to play. The one we watched yesterday was “Call Northside 777” starring one of my favorite actors, Jimmy Stewart. It was black and white and just fantastic! The next one I want to see is “Laura” with Vincent Price. I love the old movies too but just haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. The best time to watch is rainy days though.
Our friends, Steve and Cheryl, finally arrived in Dillard about two weeks ago. They have a fantastic dog named McGee whom Kozmo likes. We hope to go to dinner with them after they settle in more. They own a site down in the River Vista section of the resort.
Speaking about food again… yes, we usually eat out every other day or so. We still like Annettes’ Café in Dillard which has home cooking done to almost perfection. We tried out a new place called Joes’ Café in Clayton last Saturday. It is attached to an indoor flea market and has a quaint atmosphere. They have a very nice salad bar and daily specials. We will go back there again even if Annettes’ has them beat. A place we want to try again next Monday is called Cajun Connection which is located in Franklin, NC. On Mondays they have all you can eat shrimp. Last year we ate there and their shrimp and fried oysters were very good.

Kozmo is still enjoying her walks and being with other puppies. She got a treat a few weeks ago when we went to Waynesville and got her pet food at the PetSmart. She didn’t like going in there and we think she thought that she was going to be left there. Maybe it brings back memories of her days in foster care before we gave her a “forever” home. We won’t bring her in there again. She will just sit in the truck with Jeff and wait for her treats when I return.

Well, the busy July 4th weekend will be upon us her at River Vista in about 2 weeks. There are activities planned for about a 9 day period, including the two weekends and the 5 day week that includes the 4th. Jeff will DJ a street dance with his “groupies” J, the night of the 4th. Then, we will leave for Dahlonega for 2 nights as he is going to DJ a 50th anniversary celebration for our “snowbird” friends from Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park, Bill and Carol. That should be a blast. The theme is a “hillbilly wedding.” Jeff will play mostly all “oldies” for this gig.

Hopefully, we will write on a more regular schedule. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something good for this blog.

‘Til next time …..



Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Happy belated birthday, Barbie. My birthday is June 2. Guess we are Gemini sisters.

Great buy on the Adirondack chairs. I think they are so comfortable.

That waterfalls is so cute. What a neat idea.

Jeff is a pretty lucky guy to have “groupies." Something we can all only hope to have one

Mhmama said...

Jeff & Barb, we really enjoyed our time with you both and glad that you are happy taking care of the smoker for us. LOL.
Oh, and since my birthday is May 31 I guess I am a Gemini sister as well.
Nancy & Danny