Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

What do you do on rainy days? Go crazy? Read? Clean? Play on the computer? Sleep?
I want to know what you do because it is driving me somewhat crazy to hear the rain and hard winds all day long. Now weather forecasters say it will stay with us until Sunday evening even into Monday. I used to love the rain but being in an RV scares me because with the high winds. I guess I should be happy that the rig isn’t moving much and there is no rain coming in. But, I feel awfully sad when I have to take Kozmo outside in it. I took her out this morning at 9:30 and it was just starting to spit at us. We only stayed out for 15 minutes and not our usual 30 or more minutes. Kozmo was ready to come in. I didn’t have an umbrella with me so I took my hoodie and put it over my head and was fine. Kozmo just loves to get toweled off when she comes in. She makes it a small game for her, which is really cute. The next time she went out was at 5 pm and we needed an umbrella. The winds were strong and the rain not as heavy, but enough to make you cold and want to go in really quickly. Below are a few pictures of the weather in a calm moment. The first two are our view (non-view today) of the mountains. The third is the drainage ditch behind us that runs along Kelly Creek Road. The last one is a shot up the street from our site.
So, what did we do when it rained today? I was on the computer, read magazines, cleaned the bathroom, and cooked a great dinner of pizza burgers with scalloped potatoes. Jeff was on the computer, took a nap, and ate the great dinner. Kozmo…… she just slept most of the time and then got some “lovin’ time” from Mommy and Daddy. What a life she leads.
I ordered two books for my Kindle. One was the newest Nick Russell book called Big Lake Blizzard  and the other is a free mystery book called Long Time Coming by Edie Claire. Last month I had ordered four free mystery books that were all first in their series. The first one was called Deadly Gamble (A Charlie Parker series) by Connie Shelton. The second one was Never Buried (Leigh Koslow series) by Edie Claire. The third one was Cutthroat Business (A Savannah Martin series) by Jenna Bennett. The last one was Trouble in Mudbug ( Ghost In-Law Mystery/Romance series) by Jana De Leon. All were excellent reads for me. I like the Kindle more and more even though I have about 18 books in my cabinet that need my attention. I found that you can do a search on Amazon for free mystery books and it has been very rewarding so far.  Plus the good part is they are free. So, since it is raining I will go to bed earlier and read the hard cover book that I started a couple of nights ago called Deadly Summer Days by Carolyn Hart which is another mystery series and enjoyable to read.
One thing Jeff did today was to order a new heater/fireplace for the living room. Our one that we purchased two years ago died this morning. The blower stopped working so there is no more heat. The temperature high today was 51 and damp so we got out our Vornado heater and it is doing a great job. We could use our heat pump if we needed to but the Vornado works just as good. We rarely use the furnace because it eats up so much propane.
The weather can get you in the mood to buy on-line and that is not a good thing. Jeff’s clothes that he ordered came in today but we couldn’t get them from the mailbox. He checked on the status this morning and it was delivered. Yesterday my order of a pair of bike shorts and a blouse came in. The shorts are great but the blouse will have to be sent back. They put in a size two sizes smaller than what I ordered and put it in a plastic bag that had the correct size on it. So, back it goes. Hopefully they can get it right the next time.
We went to the new Wal-Mart in Franklin, NC on Thursday after eating breakfast at Annette’s Café in Dillard. The new Wal-Mart is just like the new ones in Homosassa and Lecanto, Florida. They are not super ones but smaller and I don’t care too much for them. The produce/meat section is so cold that I thought I was in the freezer section of an ice box! After Wal-Mart we went to Tractor Supply to get Kozmo some heart shaped treats that we can only buy there when up here. We also stopped at a Pet Supply place that sells dog food. Kozmo loves the new Simply Nourish brand that Pet Smart sells and we can’t find it anywhere other than PetSmart. This dog food looks like human food. I guess we will have to head to Seneca, SC, an hours drive away, next week and get her a month’s supply of it. They do not sell it on-line through PetSmart. We don’t know why they don’t. Even if they did it would cost $3.99 per can to ship it, which is crazy since it costs $2.29 a can.
That is all the news for now.
‘Til next time…..


Tumbleweed Dee said...

I also have a bit of problem being in the RV for more than a day becaue of rain. I took up crocheting just to have something besides reading blogs and playing computer games.

It won't be long it will be hot and we'll wonder when it will cool off. lol

Have fun! Reading is a great past time.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We had something similar happen to us. I went over to the clubhouse and worked on the computer, looked at all the books in the library, and we met up with friends and played some cards.

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