Monday, December 24, 2012

Snowbird Christmas

I found this poem in a blog some time ago. It is so appropriate in this lifestyle we now live and many of our readers of this blog. FYI, it was written by an rver….obviously. So on this Christmas Eve….enjoy


Snowbird Christmas Poem

by Irene Taves


'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the park,

Not a camper was stirring as it started getting dark.

Our Montana fifth wheel was outlined with many twinkling lights,

Our little Christmas tree inside warmed our hearts this peaceful night.

As the moon shined so brightly on the palm trees below,

How can we think "Christmas" without any snow?

While watching the Weather Channel and the cold way up north,

I know now why we snowbirds travel back and forth.

When all of a sudden, on came the colored lights

All over the park. Oh, what a festive sight!

All the neighboring campers joined in the celebration,

Ringing in the season without hesitation!

Some carolers were singing as they walked through the park,

Greeting their RV family with joy in their hearts.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,

A man dressed in red, standing by his mechanical deer.

So jolly and laughing as he walked down the street,

I knew in a moment that soon Santa I would meet!

His hair and long beard were as white as could be,

No surprise in the 55 plus community.

He greeted all the campers, bringing joy to everyone,

Now this holiday season has officially begun!

As we welcome the season with our surrogate family,

We thank God we're Americans and able to be free.

Free to travel throughout this amazingly great land,

Free to enjoy our retirement for as long as we can.

So our wish to you all as our eggnog we sip,



‘Til next time……


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Merry Christmas!

where's weaver said...

Cute poem.

Hope you two had a blessed Christmas. God provided more to us than we deserve!

Get ready to ring in the new year. Are you playing any where on NYE, Jeff?

Jill said...

Thanks for the poem, and I hope your holidays were great!

zionriverresortzion said...

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