Monday, November 19, 2012

Golf Cart Up & Running Again

On our last blog posted a week ago, we had mentioned our batteries in our golf cart were dead after repeated tries to charge the batteries individually, which we were actually able to do. At least they held enough charge initially to accept the golf cart charger. The problem remained that they would not hold a charge. We could get about 100 yards away from our site and it would be drained. Jeff researched local dealers in the area and found the best deal with a dealer located in Brooksville, about 25 miles away and they would deliver them and install them for a price less than the other 3 dealers would charge just for the batteries themselves.  So yes, we managed to get the batteries installed on Wednesday, November 14 and the golf cart is running very well. The only thing we want to do tomorrow is check the tires and make sure that they are properly inflated. It has been dreary around Crystal River the last four days. The sun actually showed its face on Saturday and a bit more Sunday, but the weather has felt cooler than normal. There have been winds that have made it cool enough for us to have to roll the awning in last night. Better weather is going to come through tomorrow with the high going up to 69 and more sun, we hope.

We went to a happy hour on the upper level here at Rock Crusher Canyon (RCC) on Thursday. There were about 24 people there. Tom and Jillene, new to RCC this year, served as hosts. What a setup they have. They have built wooden decks that go three quarters of the way around their motorhome. Plus, they have a covered pagoda and a fire pit area. It is truly a great setup. I must get some pictures to share. I made my pimento cheese spread and everyone  seemed to have liked it a lot. It was quite cool outside even though they had a fire going in the fire pit and citronella  torches on the perimeter of the deck. We had a great time and hopefully will go again.

We tried out a new restaurant in Crystal River on Friday morning called AJ’s Café. The wait staff used to work in Inverness at a place called Cock a Doodle Dos, which closed. We had breakfast and it was very good! We still like Kim’s Café in Homosassa, so this will definitely be a place to head to once a week. I love my bacon extra crispy and when I got it I thought it wasn’t going to be crispy enough. But, the bacon was thick and crispy and had a great flavor to it. The place was crowded for 9:30 in the morning but we didn’t have to wait. My new hairdresser works there on the weekends as a hostess, so hopefully we will go there on the weekend and see her sometime. We stopped at Home Depot after the breakfast and picked up some stain to do the steps and picnic table on our site. The color is called Robin’s Egg, so we are hoping it will look nice. It has gray and blue coloring in it. We’ll take pictures when the job is done.

I also took Kozmo to the vet on Friday afternoon to get her nails clipped. I could hear her in the back room yelp out once. I knew it was her. I just wanted to go back and take her out of there. But she can be a baby sometimes. I like the vet in Georgia who is the best around and they never had a problem with her “crying out”. The place in Crystal River put a turkey motif bandana on her neck as a reward. She doesn’t care for bandanas so she couldn’t wait to get that off. She was the center of attention today since I was going to give her a bath. She hid under Jeff’s chair but came out when I asked her to come with me. She is VERY good when I give her a bath. She has been sleeping a lot today… too much action. Smile

I (Barbie) started out walking last Monday with a group of ladies here at RCC and have been walking a mile every day except Saturday with the ladies. There is usually four to six in our group and I found I can actually talk and walk at the same time without huffing and puffing. We didn’t walk Saturday due to a breakfast in the clubhouse being served at 8:30. One of the walkers named Florie is one of the cooks so we decided not to walk. Florie is a sweet gal who is awaiting a new grandbaby soon. We didn’t go to the breakfast, so we slept in for an extra hour.  After some coffee, Jeff, Kozmo and I went to the craft show at the Armory in Crystal River. It was a nice one but I really didn’t buy anything for myself. I bought some homemade treats for Kozmo which she enjoyed. After the show, we went for a short drive and then to the new WalMart in Homosassa. It is smaller than most of them and it was OK. They do have some groceries although not the variety and amount that the Super WalMarts have. The only downfall was it was dark inside and had only one main entrance and exit. I decided to buy a turkey breast with some fixings to make next weekend since we are eating in the clubhouse on Thanksgiving Day with about 100 other people or so. Since we will have no leftovers,  not that we need them anyway, but turkey breast with some stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamed corn and Brussels sprouts should suffice for a few days. Plus, I am going to make my pumpkin bread again for breakfast instead of pumpkin pie or dessert. We will need to bring a dish to share for the dinner so I am making a sweet and spicy carrot dish. I will be trying it out tomorrow in case it doesn’t taste good. If it doesn’t taste good, I will make extra pumpkin bread instead. The park is supplying the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and rolls for $5.00 a head. We went last year and it was a nice affair. The only downfall is the clubhouse is small and has poor acoustics and I don’t think they are planning to correct it anytime soon. It makes it difficult to hear the people who are just two seats away from you.

When we were gone from the rig Saturday afternoon,  the guy who washes and waxes RV’s in RCC came and did ours. We were not pleased with the job this time. Apparently there are some pinhead black marks on the rig due to tree sap, we guess, and he couldn’t get it all off. So we won’t get him to do our rig anymore. He has done it every year we have been here but I don’t think he tried hard enough. I had gotten some of it off myself before we headed south and although it was difficult, I did it. He had washed and waxed a rig in the morning so maybe he was tired.

Our winter neighbors, Roger and Judy, arrived at 3PM Sunday afternoon. It was great seeing them back. They are from Massachusetts. We promised each other we would definitely go to eat at Dan’s Clam Stand while they are down here this year. We never could coordinate our schedules at the end of last season to go to Dan’s with them. Another neighbor, Brenda and David, arrived Friday night. They are across from us. They are from Indiana. Since they left their rig here in the summer they had some cleaning up to do in it so we finally got to see Brenda today at the same time as Roger and Judy arrived. A reminder from Brenda, NEVER set off a bug bomb in an rv at the end of the season as you leave for the north. That’s why she’d been cleaning for a couple of days and we hadn’t seen her.  It will be interesting to see how many people show up this week before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Homemade spaghetti was on the menu Sunday and Jeff said it was very good. I made the sauce on the stove to heat it up first and then put it in the crock pot to get the flavors infuse throughout the sauce for a while. Needless to say I have plenty of sauce left over. I am happy that it will freeze, too. I am not that fond of leftovers but will use some of it in a casserole.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving holiday and don’t eat too much! For you crazies out there that go out shopping on “Black Friday”..…GOOD LUCK! Just know we want NO part of it.

‘Til next time…..


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Good news about the golf cart.

Isn't it amazing how people do not take pride in their job. How much time would it have really taken him to clean the rig correctly? I don't blame you for looking for someone else.

We would like to wish you two a very wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like you are back in the swing of things at RCC. Those darn golf cart batteries don't last forever and are expensive. I think we are about due for some too. I'll be anxious to see photos of that snazzy site you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barbie for the wonderful comments. We are really feeling at home here at RCC. We hope to see you and Jeff at our next gathering.

Tom and Jillene