Friday, February 17, 2012

It’s About Havin’ Fun-For the Most Part

Where do we start? This will be a long post! Let’s go back a couple of weeks and then catch you up to the present.

We were doing some raking of leaves a couple of weeks ago and  Kozmo was lying in the dirt. See below.


We noticed she was having some trouble with her mouth and had her tongue going in and out of her mouth fast. After checking her mouth and teeth, we saw nothing. A couple hours later after she started a bizarre rolling of her tongue in and out of her mouth, we spotted a black mark under the right side of her tongue. We couldn’t get her to allow us to look at it. So, we immediately took her to the vet in Crystal River, Midway Animal Hospital, and they discovered a sand spur stuck under her tongue. It took four people to hold her down and get it out  without her having to be sedated. It took six minutes to do it and thank heavens I (Barbie) wasn’t in the room where it was done. They only charged us $20.00 since the techs handled it and they didn’t need to call in one of the vets. They did a fantastic job. They thought she was really brave and loved her. We took her back almost two weeks later for her rabies and distemper shots and also a heartworm check. They loved her so much that they gave her a bandana to wear home. Midway is an excellent place to go and very reasonable. The little girl is doing very well now.

We took a ride to near Webster to a town called Center Hill and bought two fabrics to use as outdoor rugs from a place called Beasley Manufacturing. They are only open three days a week from 9 until 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the “snowbird” season. Fantastic place! We bought one fabric to use in Dillard and the other to use here in Rock Crusher. We may go back again to get some material to serve as wheel covers and to make a skirt to cover the hitch area in the front of the fifth wheel. Thanks Karen for the lead on this place!

We took a ride to our stick house in Valrico on Feb. 7 and 8. Our mission was to pick up mail that the post office was holding for us and to disconnect the buggy carrier from my car (see picture below)


and put it on the truck. Easier said than done. First of all Jeff didn’t have all of his tools with us and second, it was bolted on so hard that we couldn’t get it off. So we went to the U-Haul in Brandon and they took it off for us and put it on the truck. It took the air gun to loosen the nut attached to the bolt holding the carrier in the hitch. They wouldn’t have charged us anything but we bought a pin lock for it so we felt better that we were spending something for the labor that they did.  Jeff’s buggy (see below)

Victory 10 scooter

is helpful to use at flea markets, malls, craft shows or any extended walking scenario. He used it to get around the huge Florida RV Super Show in January in Tampa. We will be able to take it with us to Dillard when we leave in April. I know that Jeff will feel so much better having it so he can use it for long “treks” and not aggravate his bad back. Our plans are to head to Charleston, South Carolina before going to Dillard when we head north. We have never been there and are in the beginning stages of planning that trip.

There have been many things happening around the park. Dinners that we attended include the hot dog night with all the fixins’, which was fantastic. They had another soup and salad night with hamburger soup and chicken vegetable soup as the star attractions. Both were excellent! The usual breakfasts and sundae nights continue. Although, due to the cold weather of Feb. 12 and 13 we didn’t attend the Sunday sundae night. We stayed in the rig re-stringing one of the day/night shades in which the string had broken. The hardest part was getting it all down. We still need to put the valances back up but we need new smaller screws since Jeff is putting the valances on a bit different so it would be easier to get down if we need to again. We also moved the dining room table by unscrewing the four simple screws in the floor. The dining area looks bigger and we seem to have more room for the jigsaw puzzle that I still haven’t finished. I put the thing under the bed for now until I finish cleaning and organizing the closets.

We finally bought a memory foam topper from an on-line place called Foam Factory, Inc. They delivered it on Feb. 14 and we put it on the next day. We bought a 5 lb. density, 4 inch thick California King size topper. We had to cut two inches off the bottom  since it was too long. We slept on it Wednesday night and absolutely love it. Jeff didn’t get up at all. His hip didn’t even hurt. So it goes to show that we desperately needed something better than what we had.

Jeff, excuse me, “Big Daddy DJ”,  DJ’ed the Valentines Dance on the 14th and it was a very nice turnout. image


Lots of dancing, talking and good times were had by all that attended.

Dance 6   Dance 4

The park had a pork barbeque dinner that had 100 people in attendance at 5:30 that evening. We had decided not to attend since we had to set up and get ready for the evening. The dance started at 7:00. We did some set-up before the dinner crowd arrived and finished at 6:30. So the day before Valentines’ Day we ate at Cody’s Roadhouse in Crystal River. I had the filet mignon with a lobster tail and Jeff had a New York Strip which had a great taste to it but wasn’t as good as the Top Sirloin that he had one time before. The service was a little slow even though the place was not crowded. Jeff did something different at this dance this time. I took pictures of couples or solos and Jeff put their pictures on a background that he created from Microsoft Digital Image Suite. See sample below.

Bill & Tina   Chris & Jerry

He had a few problems with the printing of them on 4X6 Kodak glossy paper,  but they did turn out very nice.

Kozmo went to her first puppy birthday  party (not hers) on the 14th which was held in the dog park in the campground. Four big dogs and two little ones were in attendance. Kozmo brought the birthday puppy, who is a black lab and turned 7 years old, a birthday card and treats. Shadoe, the birthday puppy loved it. His human owners brought us humans Valentine cookies to eat. They also had puppy treats and water for the dogs. Kozmo had a good time even though the bigger pups tried to intimidate her. She growled and barked once at one of the puppies who tried to invade her territory and everyone thought she was a tough little girl. We left with a Valentine balloon and lots of neat experiences for Kozmo to either dream or have a nightmare about.

We went out to eat at Dan’s Clam Stand today and had fantastic shrimp and clam chowder. We thought about Charley and Sherry again. We always love that place. We have been eating out quite often lately, which has to stop because I am forgetting how to cook…haha  Our new favorite place for a great sandwich is Quizno’s in Crystal River. They have great subs on great breads. I think their sandwiches are more tasty than Subways.

Well, I think that gets you caught up to date on what has been happening with us lately. This weekend we are headed to Crystal River for a boat/RV show in the parking lot of Big Lots shopping center. Other than that, lots of chores need to be done but we will work at a slow pace to get them done.

‘Til next time…


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh how awful to have a sand spur in the poor things mouth. How painful that must have been.
Nice buggy, Jeff. Enjoy getting around much easier. Glad your back won't hurt you so much now!
Looks like a great dance. What a neat idea with the pictures. They look awesome!
You two have been very busy. Glad you are enjoying the park and all the activities! ~wheresweaver

Karen and Al said...

Poor Kozmo. We sometimes bring sandspurs in on our shoe laces and Baxter goes right to them. We have to really watch him carefully or he'll eat one. We have actually been to Midway animal clinic and we liked them too.

Glad you got your fabric. We really like that place too. We're real happy with the tire covers we made and they were pretty inexpensive.

squawmama said...

Those sand spurs can be really tough ~ last year Tiffy got one on her lip and just about bit my thumb off when I remove it... Can't wait to be there next winter and explore the restaurants and sites around the area. We bought some of those rugs from that place a few years ago and they are still good... Nice place to get them!
Have fun & Travel safe

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

So sorry that Kozmo had to experience the sand spur. Sometimes the fur babies just have to taste it don't they? Do hope that she did not have bad dreams about it!! :)

And you had to mention Dan's again huh? We would dearly love to have some of that clam chowder!!

And we had about 1 1/2 inches of snow here last night!! Brrrrr.....

Keep having fun!!