Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kozmo at the Keyboard

Can you believe it? I get to talk now. I’m on my little laptop and will write this blog.

Kozmo and Laptop

I’m that cute little 15 lb, 8 year old terrier mix that was rescued last February by my Mommy and Daddy. I know you’ve seen pictures of me before if you’ve read our blog. Mommy and Daddy contacted Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj from the Big Bang Theory tv show and they asked them if they could create a device that could translate “doggie talk” into “human talk”. This has been an ongoing project for a few months now and the great scientists have done it! They created a machine that I bark into and out “pops” the words. Amazing huh? We are not sharing with anyone until the patent becomes a reality and we become billionaires.

Anyways, my Mommy and Daddy are the best human parents in the world!!!

IMG_0412extra2  J & K 2

They love me unconditionally and I love them sooooooooooooo much. How many fur-pets do you know who get to travel all over and visit places like the Great Smoky Mtn National Park or walk on Virginia Beach like I did this summer.

Newfound Gap B & K  B & K on VA Beach 3

I am so lucky to be a member of the Boldt family. They took me to the stick house in Valrico this past week and I had a blast! Mommy’s car was started for the first time since September since it has been there, and we all went to get it washed since it was filthy. Daddy and I stayed inside the car while Mommy washed it and I watched her but wasn’t afraid when the water looked like it was going to get me. The noise scared me a little bit at first though. Afterwards Mommy wanted to go to Target to shop for an ottoman for the fifth wheel. I stayed inside the car with Daddy, but I didn’t want to tell Mommy but I don’t like her car. It scares me when I am sitting between them on the middle console on my two pillows. The console is not big like the one in our truck. It is really short and narrow, and I don’t like the back seat---I can’t see back there. Plus, Mommy drives too fast and sits so low that I shake and shake and slide off the pillows sometimes. Daddy has to hold on to me and he doesn’t like doing that much-he says I make him nervous. I tried not to cry and be a big girl, but I couldn’t wait until we got back to the stick house. Mommy was back to the car in 35 minutes with her new ottoman and a few groceries. I saw that she got me some chicken to go with my Caesar’s dog meal and I couldn’t wait to eat it. It was good too! After we left Target we went to Marco’s pizza to get a salad and a pizza. Daddy’s mouth was beginning to hurt from the temporary crown that the dentist put on his tooth that morning so he needed some “happy” pills to make it not hurt anymore. Mommy called them aspirins. I gave him kisses until we could get home and he could get those pills. He said that I was his medicine right now. That made my tail wag!!!

Mommy and Daddy gave me some pizza crust and some pepperoni from the pizza after I ate my dinner. I was so good and didn’t beg so Mommy would give me more but then I burped. Then she stopped. Next time I will hide and burp so she can give me more.

I helped Mommy clean out the master bedroom closet. She had some pants in there and I told her which ones to donate and which ones to keep. She also cleaned out her jewelry chest and I was hoping to get some nice necklaces to wear on my collar. She said she would make me some necklaces since hers were too long for me. My Mommy spoils me.

Even though I met some new puppies while Mommy walked me in the complex those days, I was ready to go back to my real home with wheels in Crystal River. Before leaving for Rock Crusher Canyon, we came across a dog that didn’t like me. He growled and was going to bite me so Mommy picked me up and kept me calm. I don’t know what his problem was—just an old grouch I guess. That dog was a real bully but my Mommy saved me. We left at noon time Wednesday after talking to Dewane and Bev, our neighbors. We stopped at Camping World for a new clear plastic thing to put on the sewer hose. People loved me at Camping World and I was on my best behavior while standing in the cart. We stopped at Popeye’s chicken and Arby’s roast beef place which was at the Travel America gas station across from Lazy Days. Mommy and Daddy gave me some bites of chicken and roast beef. We drove through the entrance at the park and got back home to our fifth wheel at 4:05 and I just love being back. The squirrels were talking to me from the trees and I scared them when I tried to run after them when Mommy took me for a walk. Look at all of our trees when you come in the park. Lots of squirrels in them trees, I’m telling ya!

RCC Entrance

But, the squirrels  know who “rules this campground”… ME!!!

Mommy went to bingo last night and left me with Daddy for three hours. I was so tired from the trip that I slept most of the time she was gone. Daddy just watched tv and played some golf game on his computer. I don’t get it—he said he played the St. Andrews course in Scotland and the Kiawah course in South Carolina. I never saw him leave his recliner chair. Mommy didn’t win anything so they were talking about putting a sign on me that says “will work for food” and standing on Highway 19 to get attention. I think they were joking. Mommy only lost $4.00 from playing 10 games. When she took me out at 11 PM she had to put my t-shirt sweater on me because the temperature was 42 degrees. I did my business and ran back in because I was so cold and still tired from the trip. Mommy and Daddy didn’t have to ask me if I wanted to go “night night” upstairs like they do every night. I just took off and ran up there fast and fell asleep dreaming of chasing and catching squirrels.

Well, I better stop now because my Mommy and Daddy taught me how to type on the computer and my paws are getting so tired from writing this blog. Hope you like the pictures.

Til next time… I will “pant” for you.

P.S. Mommy helped me write this after the machine translated into human words.

P.P.S. Mommy didn’t have any drinks before she helped me with this blog….she’s just a little crazy sometimes! ;-)



where's weaver said...

Poor look beat. This is Bella writing. I am the Queen of my home. I just want you to may have the best mommy and daddy for a DOG, but I have the best mommy and daddy for a CAT! You sound pretty cool. Hope we can meet someday. I even think our humans would like each other. Enjoy the squirrels.

Karen and Al said...

Kozmo, you are a lucky little dog.

Now if you could only talk your mom and dad into getting rid of the word verification :)

squawmama said...

Kozmo you are one lucky little dog getting such great parents... Have fun & Travel safe my little friend!

Debbie, Duane, Bo and Laska said...

Kozmo, you write almost as good as your Mommy! What a clever doggie!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Kozmo is lucky, that's for sure!! And such a good writer!! Cannot wait to see you again in January!!