Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It’s July

This past week has been a busy one-yet enjoyable for sure. Last Monday we had a nice three hour plus visit and dinner with one of my former guidance counselors, Donna, from Tampa, FL. Donna was traveling to visit another former guidance counselor we both worked with, Nancy, who with her husband retired to a cabin in Murphy, NC a couple of years ago. Donna had called and we made plans for her to stop by our site here in Dillard, chat for awhile and catch a bite to eat before she moved on to Murphy where she planned to spend a couple of days. It was great visiting with Donna and getting caught up with the people I used to work with. We got a bite to eat at Mountain Man Grill here in Dillard just about a half mile from the NC state line on US 441. After some great burgers, we headed back to the 5er and Donna headed into NC. We also made tentative plans for Donna to drive up and visit us at our site in Crystal River, FL during the winter season.

The middle of the week was filled with running errands and enjoying “The Good Life.” Saturday, we drove to Franklin, NC, to a small arts and crafts show. We left seeing some nice local crafts but we resisted the urge to purchase anything.

River Vista was about 95% full for the July 4th weekend. There were cookouts, the pool was full all weekend, there were games and movies for the kids as well. Saturday evening a local woman and her son, who happen to be related to one of the work campers here at River Vista, played some old bluegrass tunes. Sunday was the big day. There was a golf cart and bicycle parade through the campground that included about 25 golf carts and a dozen bicycles or so.

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IMG_1268 Jacked up golf cart

The campground then hosted a hotdog cookout. For $1 you got a hotdog (with chili, sauerkraut, onions, relish, catsup, mustard, however you wanted it), a bag of potato chips and either iced tea or lemonade. They also had ice cream sundaes for 50 cents a scoop with toppings and there was also a watermelon seed spitting contest. All of those activities led up to the big “Street Dance” DJed  by yours truly at 7:00pm.

THE Big Daddy DJ THE “Big Daddy DJ”

There was a great turnout for the dance with young and old, weekenders and River Vista Falls View residents in attendance. We played outside in front of the Mountain Village Center and the dance floor was the street. It worked out great. The weather cooperated and folks used the rocking chairs from outside the Mountain Village Center, the adirondack chairs from the playground, their golf carts and their own collapsible lawn chairs to sit on.

IMG_1272 The Line-up

We played oldies, country, old time rock-n-roll and all type of dance favorites like: electric slide, polkas, conga, cha cha slide, Cupid shuffle, macarena, boot scootin’ boogie and more. It was a grand evening that we ended by playing an emotional “God Bless the USA.”

IMG_1275   IMG_1277

IMG_1280   IMG_1282

IMG_1281   IMG_1286

Apparently it was well received as we had numerous positive comments. The best part is the developer of River Vista, Clark, wants to sit down with me and discuss doing some future events. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday was a pretty laid back day until the local fireworks in Dillard and up in Franklin, NC in the evening. I don’t know if it was just me or not, but I saw fireworks over River Vista, or did I dream it ? :-)

Fireworks over River Vista 3   Fireworks over Pavillion Pool Area

Falls View fireworks 2 at dusk   fountain fireworks at dusk

‘Til next time……….


Margie and Roger said...

I didn't recognize you as "DJ". Looks like a great time.

Karen and Al said...

Looks like a fun holiday!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Looks like you had a great 4th. Stay safe and continue to have fun.

Debbie, Duane, Bo and Laska said...


Love that picture of you! You are one cool dude!

Looks like a great time was had by all.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

Loved the tye-dye look! Cool, dude! One day I must come to one of your events. It looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves. Always good to visit and get caught up on people/things.

squawmama said...

Great picture of you!!! Looks like fun for all and I just know you're enjoying your time there!
Continue your good times