Friday, May 6, 2011

From Rock Crusher to Sanlan RV Park

We hitched up the “Castle” and left our winter home in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River, FL, Wednesday shortly after noon.  Two and a half hours later we were setting up to spend the night at Sanlan RV Park in Lakeland, FL. The plan was to spend Wednesday night at Sanlan and then take the “Castle” 8.1 miles to Quadra Manufacturing to have the “Bigfoot” Automatic Quad Hydraulic Leveling System installed on the 5er. We had to have the 5er at Quadra at 8:00am Thursday morning and leave it there overnight until noon Friday. After dropping the 5er off we headed to our Valrico stix-n-brix home to spend Thursday night and take care of some housekeeping issues before heading out Friday to pick up the “Castle” and back to Sanlan to spend Friday and Saturday nights. Our first stop on the way home to Valrico was to catch a fast food breakfast. So Egg McMuffins were in order for Barbie, myself and Kozmo, of course. We don’t know if it was Kozmo’s first Egg McMuffin or not but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. After getting settled in at Valrico, Barbie went out and bought some groceries, made a trip to Lowes for some Round-Up and some a/c filters while Kozmo and I rested. I received an initially upsetting phone call Thursday pm from Quadra Manufacturing telling me one of their “helper” employees who was assisting with our job up and quit late Thursday pm. Before I got real bent out of shape, Rita, the wife of the owner,  explained that her husband, Roy, would have the job done but could he have until 4:00pm, not noon on Friday. Phew, not a problem. We were going back to Sanlan anyway and that is only 20 minutes away. That also gave Barbie some additional time Friday to get her “tasks” around the Valrico home completed.

Friday morn I left Valrico at 7:00am to take my truck to Tampa Spring Company in Lakeland to have my u-bolts re-torqued per the arrangements made when we got the new “leaf” put in each side on the back of my truck at the Ocala shop of Tampa Spring last week. I was the first one there when they opened the doors so they had me re-torqued and back on the road by 8:15. Once I returned we hung out at the Valrico home until 2:30pm when we went and grabbed a bite to eat at Zaxbys before heading to Quadra to pick up the “Castle.” In case you wondered, YES, Kozmo likes Zaxby’s chicken too!

Once we arrived at Quadra, Roy had our Bigfoot Quad System all installed and ready to go. He then showed us what to do when unhitching and then what to do when hitching back up. Then, he made us go through each process, not one time but two times before allowing us to pay the bill and leave. He completed the job himself Friday with no help. He is such an incredibly professional man-we really appreciate his work ethic and his  courtesy. If anyone needs or wants any information about the system give Roy Trevino a call at 863 619-8617. He’ll answers all of your questions and take care of you. He is awesome. Now to the system. Wow, such an ease to level the 5er now. No wood blocks, no checking a level for front-to-back and side-to-side level anymore. Once we unhitch from the truck, I simply push the “auto” button on the control box and within 60 seconds we are level. It is REALLY sweet! It will save much time and aggravation on our parts I’m sure. 

Setting up once we got back to Sanlan was a snap. Once we unhitched the truck, as Barbie pulled the truck away to move it behind the “Castle” I had pushed “auto” and before she and Kozmo got out of the truck, we were leveled. Barbie’s friend from Mann Middle School, Linda, and her husband Bill brought their new motorhome here for the weekend so we could spend some time together before we head north. I’ll post pictures of Sanlan on the next post.

‘Til next time…….


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I think you will like an auto leveling system. It saves a lot of work.

squawmama said...

Auto leveling is GOOD and I am so happy for you... I love Zaxbys and could use one now! LOL LOL
Safe Travels

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Wow, you guys are very busy!! Hope you get some rest soon!! Cheyenne says hi to Kozmo.

Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Not worth the $$... Had it installed (mainly to please my wife) & while the system is nice, in actuality I could have lived without it & put the $5300 bucks in the bank instead.