Friday, April 15, 2011


The past week has been filled with us “Taking Care of Business.” We’ve done some work in the 5er, around our site and taken care of some odds and ends before we take the 5er to Suncoast RV in Ocala on Monday to have some additions put on it and have a couple of warranty issues taken care of before we head north. For the new additions, we are going to have slideout toppers put over all four slideouts, maxxair vent covers put over two fan areas on the roof, and add a ladder mount where we can place our new Winegard Carryout minidome. Barbie has been busy getting her driver’s license renewed and putting that slip-stop stuff in all the remaining cabinets in the 5er. She has measured and cut alot of that stuff for sure. Nothing will slide around in those cabinets. We also managed to give the remaining 19 landscape timbers we had that have been sitting on our site since we finished our projects this time last year. We gave nine to one of the workcampers here at the park and the remaining  ten to one of the maintenance workers here in the park. Speaking of the maintenance guys, we asked them to trim some of the trees around our site and they took care of it the same day. They are in tree trimming mode now as they go in and trim trees as the folks leave for the season and head out. And I must say RCC has cleared out significantly since April began. Now most of the new rvers coming in are the weekenders for 3 days or so. It is a little deceiving as it appears to be more rvers here than actually are and that is because RCC is now allowing the seasonal folks to leave their rvs stored on the same site they occupied for $50 a month until they return next fall. Most of the northerners and Canadians pay $40 or more per month at their home areas we’ve been told so leaving them here for $50 a month made sense as they would save gas money as well as wear and tear on their rvs traveling. 

Most of our Florida rving “blogger buddies” have left Florida now-only a few of us remain. It certainly is interesting reading about everyones travels. We really enjoy reading about the places visited and the things done. To all of you , we wish you safe travels and fun times as you continue the lifestyle we all so love. We look forward to each of your “next” blog postings.


’Til next time……


Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Sounds like you are having a very busy time right now!! Hope you get all the changes to your 5er taken care of with no difficulties. And Cheyenne says hi to Kozmo. Hope you all (including your fur baby) are doing well!!

SunshinecruiserTN said...

You looked like a pro pulling out of here this morning. It's always fun getting everything road worthy for your next adventure.