Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy Week

This certainly has been a busy week! We drove to the stix & brix home in Valrico Tuesday and returned here to Rock Crusher Canyon (RCC) yesterday afternoon. I had a doctors appointment Wednesday for my six month check-up, then a dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned Thursday. Friday morning, that would be early Friday morning at 7:00am, Barbie and I met some of her former colleagues from Mann Middle School for breakfast. In addition, Barbie did some yard work while I was at the dentist and we did a few things around the house. All in all it was a productive visit as we got some things done and I had good reports from the doctor and dental hygienist. I do know one thing, we are certainly not used to all the traffic we encountered in Valrico and Brandon. Having spent the past 6 months in the northeast Georgia mountains and the last week in Crystal River, we certainly have not faced the traffic we did the past few days. I can say we were both glad to be back here in Crystal River.

When we arrived back here at Rock Crusher Canyon we found many more sites filled. It’s not that all the fulltimers arrived the past few days but country music fans began arriving for the “Country Rocks the Canyon” Concert which I spoke of in the last post. The concert  is going on tonight. Barbie and I are going to take a golf cart ride in a few minutes to check out the campground. Well, we just returned from a drive around the campground. There are alot of folks sitting around campfires as it is 40 degrees at this time. I suspect a good number are at the concert, which we could hear quite easily from nearly every corner of RCC. We actually went in the clubhouse and went out and sat in the screened pool area and we could hear the music extremely well. You can’t see anything but the sound was clear. We caught the introduction of Luke Bryan and listened to his first 4 numbers. I was surprised at how loud and clear it was. We then talked briefly with friends Tom and Wendy, who are workcampers here at RCC working security, at least for a couple of more weeks before Tom retires officially and they head to their “new home”, a cabin outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We have known Tom and Wendy for the past couple of years or so and are happy for them but we’ll miss them at RCC for sure.

Tomorrow’s weather calls for rain leading in a cold front that is to bring the coldest air of the season. Projected lows for Monday and Tuesday mornings are to be in the low 20’s. Brrrrrrrr. I’m not complaining though because temps are much lower elsewhere as we all know. We’ll be getting some use out of our fire pit the next few days I’m sure.


So tomorrow will be an inside day, the Bucs vs. Redskins football game is in my plans. Next week we’ll do some cleaning and reorganizing in the motorhome and do some work on and in the “Prince”, our new utility trailer. We also want to get some holiday lights and decorations set up both inside and outside  the motorhome. They’ll definitely be trips this week to Dan’s Clam Stand for the BEST New England clam chowder ever and a trip to “The Freezer” for steamed shrimp. We also need to visit “The Shed” sometime soon. Believe me-it doesn’t get any better!

IMG_0059 On the porch at The Freezer.


DSC_0047 On the Homosassa River at “The Shed.”

I’ll leave you with a view out the front of our motorhome here at Rock Crusher Canyon. Stop in at Site 157 and say hello!

Canon 001‘Til next time……………………………..


Margie and Roger said...

Just catching up on your blog. Really enjoying the info about Rock Crusher and Ho Hum as those are two places I would like to stay at sometime in the future. Your cargo trailer sounds like a good solution for you. We had one like that when we had our Harley - even slept in it a few times.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

I'm sure it is good to be "home." I loved it at RCC and plan on returning sometime. Bet the music was good from the pool area as being at the amplitheatre would be a little loud.