Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Afternoon at the Farm

Barbie is writing today!!!So, pay attention now as I guide you through a day of adventure and fun!

Jeff had his PT on Monday and felt really good after it. So, we decided to travel to Alto, Georgia, to a place called Jaemor Farms. What a neat place! It took us 40 minutes to get there from Clayton and the travelling weather was just beautiful! We used the GPS and it took us past the place. So we u-turned and came back to it. Jaemor Farms is located on a hill and it was crowded. You first see the big pumpkin patches on the hill to the right of the farm. There is an eight acre maze that is in the shape of the United States. We didn’t start it since it was too late in the afternoon. To be honest, I didn’t think I would be able to find my way out. I feared that panic would set in and my cell phone would die on me and I would be there until morning. haha


I went inside and was amazed at how much I could actually spend in here. But reality set in . I don’t have the room in the refrigerators for all the stuff. So, I just started buying things that didn’t need refrigeration. I bought an acorn squash, butternut squash, pickled beets, black eyed peas relish, pumpkin bread, and some cameo apples.They had some homemade peach, strawberry or vanilla ice cream . I bought us some peach and it was good. They had pumpkins and gourds everywhere. Fresh vegetables ranging from corn on the cob to snap beans to cabbage to you name it , I think they had it! They even had fresh flowers and plants. If this place weren’t so far away, we would be there weekly.


Jaemor Farms was so crowded because it was Columbus Day and the kids got the day off. For my old colleagues in Florida, too bad you didn’t get the day off to enjoy all the festivities that went with celebrating Columbus Day! What a shame! haha

IMG_0741 Jeff is doing very well with his physical therapy. He is walking without his walker inside the motorhome to get more strength. Today during physical therapy, his therapist started him on strengthening movements. He isn’t sore or hurting at all. We went to eat at a place called MiCasa Mexican restaurant in Franklin after physical therapy. We had been there once before and loved it. We really enjoyed it today. Jeff had a burrito and a poblano dinner. I had a chicken chimichanga with some fixings and couldn’t eat it all. Afterwards I washed the car in preparation for the rain that was to come this evening. Yeah right, you must wash the car because it is dirty even though you know it will rain. We are headed for Hiawassee today for the Georgia Mountain Festival.The weather should be beautiful with highs supposedly around 70 degrees. The leaves are changing and they are spectacular for these two campers, since we haven’t seen autumn leaves in 37 years. I don’t want to miss a single day of seeing the remarkable change occur.


Until the next time…….remember to enjoy the moment.

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Bill Maxwell said...

Glad to hear that Jeff is improving !!! Dianne and I go to Jaemor several times each summer while we are in Georgia. The farm is only about 20-25 minutes from us in Cleveland. It is a great place. They even have you-pick apples.........

Continue to improve Jeff and enjoy the weather.........

Bill and Dianne