Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shame On Us

Can’t believe it has been since June 22 since we last posted. Everything is fine with us. We are just enjoying life. Rather than bore you with all we have been doing, I will just recap some neat things that we have done.
On July 5 we headed to the Dahlonega/Dawsonville, Georgia area for our friends Bill and Carol Hicks’ 50th wedding anniversary.  They wanted Jeff to play the music for the party. They live in Dahlonega down a one lane gravel road. Their house sits on 7 acres. Due to the heavy rain in the area for about three weeks, we got stuck twice with our truck in their mud trying to get the equipment set up next to the dance floor they “prepared.”
Bill & Carol Hicks

However, they had 4 x 4 trucks and they pulled us out each time. We eventually parked a half a mile away at the top of the hill in a church parking lot after we had set up and returned after resting and changing clothes at the hotel in Dawsonville. They had a Polaris 4x4 vehicle with a small trailer attached to it loaded with bales of hay for people to sit on to bring  all of their 120 plus guests down to their place. They have a pond and a stream in which they swim and even pan for gold  occasionally. The celebration was a great one and there was NO rain until they got us in our truck with our gear at the end of the party and we started to drive off. Lightning and heavy rain followed us all the way to the hotel that night. Bill and Carol’s theme was a “Redneck” Anniversary celebration. It was a big hit along with fantastic food and lots of dancers.
Big Daddy DJ
Despite getting bit four times by yellow jackets and getting stuck in the mud, we had a great time! We played for 5 and ½ hours. Even Kozmo enjoyed the hotel stay, but not the lightning.
Jeff celebrated his 61st birthday on July 22. We went to Peking Gourmet Restaurant in Clayton to celebrate. We had a great Chinese meal.  It is difficult to find Chinese here in the mountains and we are searching for something similar to Mr. Wang’s, our favorite, that is in Homosassa, Florida.
Jeff has DJ’ed two street dances here at River Vista RV Resort since June 22. One was the July 4 celebration which was well attended. The other one was Labor Day in which the entire campground was packed. On both occasions the weather was cooperative. He also played for Lindsay and Scott’s wedding reception on August 24 which was held at Black Rock Mountain State Park Mellinger Building. About 100 people attended the affair which was very nice. The only problem we had was Jeff’s one speaker blew and went dead during the dinner music time. Luckily there was a speaker system that the park had and we adapted one of their speakers  to our system. No one but us knew the difference as we were set up in the loft. Kozmo was even with us. You know she practically goes everywhere with us. And no, she didn’t dance with anybody. J
View from Loft
Bride & Groom Arrive
We managed to head to Florida for three nights for doctors’ appointments. I had mine on August 19 in Crystal River and Jeff had his in Valrico the next day. Again, we both need to lose weight, but all blood tests etc were good for both of us. So, we have started eating more fruits instead of sweets. We dreaded going to Florida. We cannot stand the weather in the summertime there. When we got to Crystal River and opened the truck door to get out, our glasses steamed up. The humidity down there is unbearable. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Lecanto and really enjoyed it. It really is only about 4 miles from Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park where we winter. When we had Jeff’s appointment, we stayed at our Valrico house. We started before we left Florida to get rid of stuff in the Valrico house because we want to sell the house, sooner than later. While there we managed to get 11 garbage bags out on garbage day. That was great considering we were only there Monday night to 7 am Wednesday morning. Our goal is to conquer the house contents and hopefully have a “Contents Sale” while in Florida this winter and put it up for sale. We have decided to build a cabin on the lot in Dillard, Georgia eventually, after we sell the house. We'll stay in the rv when we are in Florida in the winters. The quicker we work on being able to, and selling the house, the more building the cabin will become a reality.
We've had some visits from friends. My great friend, Linda, and her husband Bill stayed overnight at a hotel here in Dillard on their way to outside of Washington D.C. for a month. We had a great time with them. Another couple, Al and Karen, who are regular bloggers and rvers, came over for the day to visit. We went to La Cabana, a local Mexican restaurant, for lunch. Their blog is RVing With Karen and Al. They bought an rv site in Blairsville, Georgia, recently. We had a nice conversation and visit with them. We have regularly enjoyed our visits with our good friends Cheryl, Steve and their dog McGee, who also spend summer and fall  here in the park. They winter at The Great Outdoors in Titusville, Florida. We have new neighbors here in Falls View (River Vista), Jen and Jenks, who bought the site next to us and have already started building a coach house on their property. They have two neat dogs named China and Pepper Ann who are Kozmo’s age. We have also been spending time with Mary, another Falls View neighbor, who was recently widowed, and Bonnie and Ray, who are from Jacksonville and also own a site in River Vista. Our friends Sharon and Ed from Ft. Myers were up here for a couple of weeks and it was so great seeing them again, along with their dog Mattie. We have a great time with all of the people that we have met here and hope to continue that until we have to leave in late October.
We are headed for Ohio Amish Country on September 22 for 4 to 5 days. We have not visited that area before and heard it was even nicer than Lancaster, PA area which we visited several years ago. We won’t take the fifth wheel this time. We are going to be staying in a suite at a pet friendly Ramada Inn in Strasburg, Ohio, and are really looking forward to it.  We have lots of literature to guide us while we are there. If we like this area we will possibly go back with our rig next time.
That has you basically all caught up with our lives for the past 10 weeks . Hope everyone is enjoying their summers and the start of football season. ‘Til next time….
Hillbilly Boldts including Kozmo


Jim and Sandie said...

Now that sounds like a truly wonderful summer. Great sum up. My doctor told me to lose weight also. I said okay and I'll see you next year. lol

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

No wonder you haven't posted. You two have been too busy having a fabulous summer.

We all need to lose weight all the time...YUCK!

Love the last photo...lol